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How Designblendz Built A Philadelphia Sushi Restaurant

By Designblendz Team | 8/28/18 5:09 PM

Working in construction, we see dozens of different projects every week. There are some projects, however, that feel truly special.

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What Goes into Designing a Successful Building Development Plan?

By Designblendz Team | 11/1/17 10:15 AM


Designing a building development plan can be tricky. Here's a breakdown of what exactly goes into the designing process for a well-constructed plan.

The key to a successful construction project is planning ahead. Without proper planning, builders can run into situations where they run out of time or money. Or, they might learn that their building violates zoning codes.

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Everything You Need to Know About Zoning Designations

By Designblendz Team | 10/10/17 11:00 AM
Zoning designations can be somewhat confusing to understand for the uninitiated. Here's everything you need to know in one helpful guide.

Zoning designations are one of the most challenging parts of the construction management and real estate industries.

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Future of Real Estate Development and Sustainability

By Designblendz Team | 12/1/16 11:00 AM

As developers, we need to keep an eye on the future. Real estate development's future is all about sustainability. Are you ready?

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Reducing Flood Damage Using a Proactive Approach

By Designblendz Team | 9/22/16 2:05 PM

When torrential floods unapologetically sweep through the area, businesses and organizations are left struggling. While most physical damage is obvious, insulation-type damage goes largely unseen. Microscopic organisms hide in the cracks and crevices. Amid the dark, damp interior the growing enemy will cause significant structural damage and health concerns…

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Virtual Reality To Revolutionize Construction Training

By Designblendz Team | 9/20/16 6:43 PM

Outside of the rush of gaming entertainment and experiences, the development of virtual reality technology shows promise for increasing safety and efficiency for commercial industries. Imagine having the ability rehearse extremely dangerous situation without any risk. Imagine designing buildings and walking through them… before they’re built.

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