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A Commercial Real Estate Business Plan That Works for You

By Designblendz | 7/5/17 9:15 AM

Are you in commercial real estate and want to set yourself up for success? Here is your guide on creating a real estate business plan.

They say never to put the cart before the horse.

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See Your Whole Site at Once with Drone Photography

By Designblendz | 5/22/17 9:15 AM

If your construction site or project is big, you can't get a lay of the land and see everything at once. Check out how you can fix that with drone photography.

You may have a big real estate build on the horizon. Or, maybe you have a new home ready to go on the market. 

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5 Ways Virtual Reality Software is Transforming Construction

By Designblendz | 3/15/17 9:20 AM
5 Ways Virtual Reality Software is Transforming Construction

Virtual Reality Software is Transforming Construction

It's not just for video games - virtual reality software is truly revolutionizing the construction industry. Are you on top of this trend? Get into it here.

Virtual and augmented reality have made a splash in the consumer world but it's not just for video games. There is a good chance they will do so for construction and architecture as well.

Augmented reality (AR) has shown up as part of current mobile games, notably the popular Pokemon Go. Hold up your phone, and you can catch the little pocket monsters that appear along with the real world objects around you.

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Why Pre-Construction Marketing is the Future of Real Estate?

By Designblendz | 3/13/17 3:03 PM
Why Pre-Construction Marketing is the Future of Real Estate

What is Pre-Construction Marketing?

If you're not aware of pre-construction marketing, it's time to get in on the ground floor of real estate's future. Here's what you need to stay competitive.

It can be tough out there for a realtor.  You need to do whatever you can to stand out in the real estate market.  It's estimated that there are 2 million realtors competing for the average buyer's attention.  

Do you feel like it's taken you awhile to move your last few houses?

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7 Reasons for Utilizing 3D Rendering Services on your next Real Estate Project

By Designblendz | 1/23/17 9:35 AM

Have you been considering using 3D rendering services, but you're not sure if you need it for your business? This list will let you know if it's right for you.

If you haven't started using 3D rendering services, you're missing out on a slew of opportunities to increase client satisfaction and boost your business.

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How to Create a Great Virtual Tour of a Home

By Designblendz | 11/7/16 1:03 PM

When buyers are looking for a home they want to know as much as possible about it before they make a decision. The first thing most people do when looking for anything these days is go online to do some research because databases and reference options are plentiful.

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