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How To Prepare a Home for Virtual Tour Photography

By Designblendz Team | 2/2/18 12:00 PM
virtual-tour-photography.jpegShowcasing a home with a virtual tour is a great way to increase the chances of a sale. 

 Is preparing your home for virtual tour photography necessary?

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Real Estate Video Tours | 7 Reasons They Work

By Designblendz Team | 1/17/18 9:00 AM
Real estate video tours deliver profitable results (when they're done right, that is).

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 400,000 real estate jobs in today's economy.

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4 Innovative Pieces of Construction Tech You Need to See

By Designblendz Team | 10/26/17 9:00 AM

Construction tech grows more impressive with each year. Here are 3 of our favorite, most groundbreaking innovations thus far.

Have you thought the ever-evolving technology field couldn't expand into even more industries?

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See Your Whole Site at Once with Drone Photography

By Designblendz Team | 5/22/17 9:15 AM

If your construction site or project is big, you can't get a lay of the land and see everything at once. Check out how you can fix that with drone photography.

You may have a big real estate build on the horizon. Or, maybe you have a new home ready to go on the market. 

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The Secret to Selling Houses: Stage for Sale

By Designblendz Team | 4/14/17 9:00 AM
The Secret to Selling Houses: Stage for Sale

The Secret to Selling Houses: Stage for Sale

If you need a home to sell quickly or sell for a higher value (or both) you need to stage it! Learn why the secret to selling is to stage for sale!

Do you have a property that has been sitting on the market for longer than you'd like?

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