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Competitions worth taking a look at this summer

By Jason Trutner | 5/23/18 5:35 PM
Architectural Design Competitions are a great way to keep your design skills sharp, try out project and design typologies that you have less experience with, and develop your ability to convey a project to an unknown audience. Competitions provide great practice and new experiences to designers, but often time constraints and other parts of life stop us from being able to compete. This summer, take some time to look into some of these competitions and see if any grab your attention, and then follow them to observe the results, or better yet: compete for a chance at winning.

1. Military Museum - Young Architects Competitions

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How to overcome the struggle of starting a Design Competition

By Jason Trutner | 5/23/18 5:32 PM

Design competitions offer a lot to designers who are willing to take on the challenge. Often, the process of working on the competition is more rewarding than results, but sometimes the hardest part of the competition is just getting started…

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Introducing: Designblendz Competitions

By Jason Trutner | 5/23/18 4:45 PM

For almost a year the team at Designblendz has been engaging in design competitions. As a collective we all found interest in the idea of competitions and the many challenges associated with them. This motivation to take on these new projects was coupled with a few guiding principles that have followed us for this year, and will continue to guide us moving forward:

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