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4 Rules to Wrap Up Commercial Real Estate Deals

By Designblendz | 7/10/17 9:15 AM

Do you find that the closing process can be too drawn out in commercial real estate? Here are 4 rules to help wrap up commercial real estate deals.

More often than not, closing a commercial real estate deal is a long, tedious process. Various issues are to be expected, and multiple delays are considered "normal".

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A Commercial Real Estate Business Plan That Works for You

By Designblendz | 7/5/17 9:15 AM

Are you in commercial real estate and want to set yourself up for success? Here is your guide on creating a real estate business plan.

They say never to put the cart before the horse.

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Why Digital Renderings Are Essential to Commercial Real Estate

By Designblendz | 7/3/17 9:15 AM

Digital Renderings Are Essential to Real Estate

Are you wondering what the value of digital renderings is to commercial real estate? Here is your answer for why digital renderings are essential.

When you are developing your business, what do you think of?

Is it money? Success? Happy clients?

What about the space for your business? Does that come to mind, too?

It probably does - it's in the background of everything else you're envisioning.

Even if you imagine packing up and moving house, you still envision some sort of new home, right?

Already you can see the benefits of digital renderings for real estate, be it commercial or residential.

There's so much digital renderings can do for you, so let's take a closer look at why this is an essential trend you want to be part of.

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5 Necessities for the Most Effective Commercial Real Estate Marketing

By Designblendz | 6/26/17 9:15 AM

Are you in commercial real estate and want to come up with an effective marketing campaign? Here are the necessities for your most effective plan.

The real estate market is off the charts. 2016 was the best year in a decade with over 5.5 million transactions.

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7 Commercial Real Estate Markets to Keep an Eye On

By Designblendz | 6/23/17 9:15 AM

Are you in commercial real estate and want to know where your next investment should be? Here are 7 real estate markets to keep an eye on.

Commercial real estate can be a worthwhile investment if you've done your research. And by "research" we mean that you understand what drives a strong commercial real estate market, and which factors may indicate long-term growth potential.

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How to Get Started with Your Commercial Construction Project

By Designblendz | 6/7/17 9:15 AM

What's that saying about an ounce of prevention? This guide's all about how to lay the groundwork for your most successful commercial construction project.

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Your Commercial Real Estate Outlook for 2017

By Designblendz | 6/2/17 9:15 AM

Do you have a stake in commercial real estate and want to know what to expect? Here is your commercial real estate outlook for 2017.

The outlook for commercial real estate in 2017 is exciting for the industry. 

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Why Commercial Real Estate Should Utilize Virtual Reality

By Designblendz | 5/3/17 9:15 AM

Sometimes people can be slow to adjust to change. Don't get left behind. Read on to learn why commercial real estate should start utilizing virtual reality.

By the year 2025, experts expect more than 500 million virtual reality headsets to be sold.

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Commercial Real Estate: Are You Using These Tech Tools?

By Designblendz | 12/29/16 9:05 AM

Are you in commercial real estate and wondering how to stay ahead of the game? In order to do that, you need every available resource at your disposal. 

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How to Finish Your Commercial Construction Project On Time

By Designblendz | 12/15/16 10:00 AM

Are you involved in the process of building commercial construction? I'm sure if you're reading this article, you know something about it and how complicated it can be. 

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