top-interior-house-paint-color-trends-of-2018Ready to update your interior with a fresh coat of paint? Take a look at the hottest house paint color trends of the year with our helpful guide.

 If your walls could talk, they'd say "repaint me, please!" and you'd be smart to listen.

A new coat of paint does wonders for a room and even your families mood. It can give new life to an old space or make everything feel clean and fresh again.

Once you've decided to repaint, the hardest part is deciding the color. Don't have a vision or want some modern inspiration?

We're looking at five top house paint trends, get colorful with us below.

Top Interior House Paint Colors

For this list, we chose a selection of neutrals, medium tones, and bold colors. If you fall in love with one but can't see it in your space, use a test swatch before you commit.

1. New Neutral Sage

Sage's creamy green-gray tint is everywhere on Pinterest right now. We're seeing it from floor to ceiling, in many different homes.

People love this shade because it's muted and soft, but not boring. It's easy to decorate with and we're loving it with harsh matte contrasts.

If you're painting sage over a strong old paint color, do a primer coat. The semi-fresh canvas will ensure no strange color hints peek through your fresh new look.

2. Stone White

The shades of white that exist are endless, but this one is having a moment. The creamy part-grey part-yellow mix is perfect for reflecting light.

In fact, people are using it in the darkest rooms of their homes to create the illusion of sunlight.

If you want to go another route, redo your house paint stone white in the room with the most natural light. The shade will enhance the sunlight and make that room a peaceful, happy space.

3. Blush Pink

Yes, "millennial pink" made the list. It looks like the blush/rose gold trend isn't going anywhere, but we're not mad.

Blush tones in a room give everything a warm, rosy glow. Look with a shade with less yellow undertones or install soft white-blue light to avoid a red glow.

With the right lighting (the key to life) your new blush paint will be the best selfie spot in the house!

4. Marigold

If you want to be happy and you know it paint a room Marigold (splash, splash).

The color yellow makes people happy, that's a scientific fact. So why not bring some happiness into your home?

We love the color as a cheery back-splash in otherwise boring kitchens. Or bring the retro 70's hue into a room with warm lighting for a French-provincial vibe.

5. Caliente

We adore this color and it's taking everything we have not to repaint the entire office.

This radiant red hue gives everything a feel of richness and makes us feel uber confident. Some Caliente fans have said it makes them feel like they're walking the red carpet!

The Final Coat

With the right wall prep and high-quality paint, you can't go wrong with any of these colors.

They'll all make your space feel fresh and new while giving the room a new life, even if it's a new life for the next owners.

If you're repainting before selling your house, think about investing in a 3D Tour. You and your listing time will be happy you did!

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