Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Home

The kitchen feels out of date, the bathroom needs fresh flooring and the living room feels too small: you’re itching to rip stuff out and get right to work. However, before delving into bigger renovation projects set up a clear game plan.

Here are some tips to help smooth the process along to an excellent, timely finished product:

  1. Establish a Timeline

    If you’re considering a big project, it’s helpful to establish the projected start and finish dates. For projects like your kitchen or bathroom, sequencing and deadlines comes more into play. If you are hiring additional workers, it will be important to give them projected dates.

  2. Budget First

    Make sure you do your homework ahead of time and look for the best prices for each part. Go crazy with window shopping, free quotes and cost-comparisons. Nothing is worse than a half-finished project because you ran out of funds. Also, tack on an additional 20% for the inevitable issues and fees.

  3. Be Realistic

    While the gorgeous gourmet kitchen or marble bathroom may be calling your name, it’s important to keep your dream within your budget, resources and existing home potential. However, if it’s your childhood dream to have an extravagant design, consider moving the process along in stages of manageable bites.

  4. Research More

    Clip magazine photos, get estimates, find designers you love, tour shops, explore latest trends and create a mental or physical vision board. Especially if you plan to hire contractors and laborers, it’s important to have a clear image of your expectations. If the project feels overwhelming, consider hiring a reputable designer to help guide you through it.

  5. Get Advice

    Even if you can’t afford to have a designer carry you through the process, it’s worth the time and effort to at least get professional advice. At the very least, show your plans to close friends and family who may have experience with past renovations. Their objective viewpoint may save you thousands of dollars, even if it’s just helping you understand that you don’t actually need the six-foot bath.

  6. Pare Down

    Now that you’ve committed to renovating your house, it’s time to clear out the junk from the past. Additionally, the space will naturally become crowded with the supplies, tools and working bodies. There’s no sense in having a stack of old coffee mugs or digging through mismatched Tupperware. Put it in a box, behind closed doors and out of the way. Then later on you can sort through Goodwill and trash options.

  7. Stay Future-Focused

    Trends are always changing, and you don’t want to need a fresh renovation two years later. Instead, seek high-quality, classic designs that won’t grow stale. Consider black and white for a consistently modern look or earthy tones if you enjoy the rustic look. Don’t forget you can always change styles with colorful pillows and accent pieces.

  8. Safeguard Kids and Pets

    Even small construction areas can be really dangerous for young ones and furry friends. Power tools, hazardous materials, saws and other sharp objects lying around could easily lead to an unwanted emergency. Know where they’re at all times and stay on hyper alert so they don’t drift in danger zones unnoticed.

  9. Ask for Help

    Call your friends, family or neighbors who may have hidden skills, helping hands or moral support. Whether it’s a load of laundry, an extra shower or a place to sleep, most people are happy to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out. It’s also a good idea to give neighbors a heads up about noisy projects.

  10. Have Fun

    At the end of the day, you’re transforming your space into something more enjoyable and livable. Don’t let the details stress you out and take the fun out of the project. Keep the vision clear in your mind and focus on the enjoying the results. Here at Designblendz, we love what we do - 3D renderings, pre construction marketing, architectural design and more! We want you to love your next project too, so if we can help, give us a shout!

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