With some planning and creativity, you can turn your home into a work of art. Let yourself be inspired by the best house designs ever created!

We know how it is. You want your house to look like it's straight from a magazine--who wouldn't?

When you're looking to sell or buy a home, the architecture of the space is one of the most important aspects. But trying to visualize what it will look like can sometimes be an intimidating task.

We've rounded up the best house designs for you to gather your inspiration from.

With new technology, you can render your house in 3D just the way you like it. Yep--you can design your own house using 3D renderings, then have it built that way.

The only thing stopping you is your imagination. So let these beautiful homes give you some design inspiration!

Top 10 Best House Designs

1. This Vertical Wonder

Talk about an effective use of space.

If you have a limited area to build your home, then why not build upwards? Or, for that matter, downwards?

The lawn, though, is one of our favorite parts--it's practically built into the wall. Mini golf, anyone?

Take a cue from the designer of this home, and do everything in levels. You'll really compartmentalize your life.

More and more in commercial real estate marketing, 3D renderings of the design of the house can help give a potential buyer an idea of the home that they'll be getting, even before it's constructed. Virtual reality technology can even help us take a digital tour through a home that has yet to exist.

This practice is invaluable to developers, realtors, and brokers alike in ensuring that they'll get the best house designs that buyers will love because they can see the design before it's even built.

2. A Backyard Beauty

This stunning house requires you have a lot of land to build on. But if you've got it, why not flaunt it?

When you're designing your own 3D space, you want the best. Take a page out of this home's book when thinking about the type of space you want to be able to call your own.

Work those angles, and work that lighting, for a soft, organic feel.

3. This Open Air Abode

Look no further for the best house designs when it comes to this warmly light super home.

Welcome guests into your perfectly designed area with the focal point of your house, the outdoor fireplace complemented by the surrounding wooden panels and interior. People will want to sit down and stay a while, which is exactly what you want to have in mind when designing a space.

4. A Cozy Cottage

Beat the cold by creating the coziest space you can imagine--and with 3D visualization technology, you can have your home designed before you actually have to go out there and freeze your toes off. Impress your family and friends with high vaulted ceilings and solar panels.

5. This Modern Miracle

Try getting any hipper than this place--it's barely possible.

If you love the outdoors, glean some inspiration from this modern apartment, and let the light stream in. You'll never want to spend any more time cooped up inside when you've got a house like this on your hands, so you can start drawing one up just like it.

6. A Boxy Behemoth

Yeah, sometimes you're going to want to think outside of the box. And by that, we mean by designing with a bunch of boxes.

Wow your clients with your commercial space by creating a use of space they've never seen before.

If you have the ability to design it yourself, the sky's the limit--or the roof. So might as well create a space that's completely unique to you and what your buyer is looking for.

7. This Watery Oasis

Hey, if you're at first designing your space digitally, why not go big?

Get a little ambitious with your dream home and create the best house design you can think of before getting started on the actual thing. And a water walkway is just the way to showcase your design ambition. Not to mention a winding staircase in your own house.

8. A Home With Views

Who said that architecture didn't include the surrounding views?

One of the most beautiful things about this home, besides the home, is the breathtaking overlook where it's set up. Anyone would want clear glass windows to see the sights. Just imagine the sunset in a place like this--you and your customers won't be able to resist the sights.

Oh, and you can also go for a swim with the best views around.

9. This White House

Defy the norm when creating your own space--not every house has to look the same, and this one definitely doesn't.

Just like this house, you can give yourself plenty of windows while still allowing for plenty of privacy. Three stories mean it's three times the fun. You can think about how many stories you want your house to be as well, as long as space allows for it.

10. A Tiny House

Just because a house is tiny doesn't mean it can't have big architectural dreams.

Maybe you've got only a little space, maybe you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint--whatever it is, tiny houses are all the rage, and you can make one of your very own starting with a 3D rendering.

Need extra inspiration?

Put a greenhouse in your actual house. If you don't like where your home is located, you can pick it up and move.

Get Designing

Filled with inspiration for your designs? We thought you'd be.

The next step is to start designing your own space. We offer virtual staging, 3D rendered floor plans, and even drone photography if you need to get a clear picture of your design space.

Now that you've got some ideas in mind, you can start building your dream home today.

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