Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are super important selling points of houses. We're sharing what you need to know about staging a bathroom here!

Selling a home can be a painstaking task.  The goal is to impress the potential buyer.

Oftentimes our personal taste isn't as awe-inspiring as we think.  This is why staging your home to give it a neutral yet inviting look is important.

Most people place a lot of emphasis on the living area and kitchen.  

I am here to tell you that staging a bathroom is just as important as the rest of the house.

A bathroom is an intimate space and says a lot about the homeowner.  Let's face it, no one wants a bathroom that shows signs of neglect.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas for sprucing up a drab bathroom and giving it the WOW factor.

Remove the Clutter

It's time to declutter.

When staging a bathroom remove all personal products from the counter, shower, cabinets and linen closet. This also includes medicine cabinets.  

You never know where buyers will look. A thorough shopper will inspect cabinets for leaking pipes and deterioration of cabinets and walls.  Plus, you don't want strangers going through your personal stuff.

Do a deep cleaning

Disinfect the entire room. Clean the walls, the shower, the toilet and the floors. Get into those deep crevices and wipe down shelves.

With all the water and humidity in a bathroom, water damage can occur. If there is mold or mildew on tiles or caulking, get rid of it.

Make sure baseboards are clean and dirt hasn't accumulated in corners.

Showers and tubs should be spotless and glass doors crystal clear. You don't want a buyer calculating replacement costs while touring your home. 

A Fresh paint job goes a long way in staging a bathroom

Ask yourself, is the color outdated?  Can this wallpaper go?

Head down to your local home improvement store and see what is popular in bathroom colors.  Try to stay neutral.  Remember, less is better.  Since you don't know who the buyer may be, try to remain gender neutral as well.

Since you don't know who the buyer may be, try to remain gender neutral as well.

Choose a color that can easily transfer to other items you will purchase for the updated look.

Replace outdated bathroom fixtures

Staging a bathroom does not have to be costly, but that doesn't mean you won't spend some money.

After you clean and paint, you may begin to notice how dull and outdated your fixtures are.  It could be the faucets, doorknobs, towel racks or cabinet fixtures that need replacing.

Set a budget, look for bargains, and shop smart.  

Add the final touch

Less says more. The bathroom looks new, now it's time for the final touch in staging a bathroom.  

Candles, plants, new towels, shower curtain and bath rugs go a long way. Be sure to follow the color scheme of the room.  

Strategically place items on the counter.  Less says more and looks stylish and chic. Create an intimate inviting space that is sure to make the buyer say yes to the house.

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