The Technology You Need for Architecture 2017


The Technology You Need for Architecture 2017

To design the best architectural designs in 2017, you're going to need the latest technology. Learn the new technologies to embrace for architecture 2017 here!

Technology has always played a huge role in your design. In Architecture 2017, technology has advanced even more.

In this post, we're sharing with you the top technology tips you can expect to see in architecture 2017.

Solar Panels - That Have Been Fully Integrated

A new solar power system is now installed every four minutes in the United States

While solar roof panels have been around for a while, in the world of architecture 2017, they're only advancing more and more.  

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, recently created solar panels that are almost identical to the tiled panels we see a lot in roof slats. Solar panels for your roof do not have to be an eyesore. Now, your house can still look like a home. 

Plus, who doesn't love an architecture trend that's also good for the environment? Going green in all industries is on the rise. Architecture is no different. 

Additive Design Could Be The Architecture 2017 Top Trend

Essentially, additive design was only for 3d printing. But now, it's adapted to the larger, industrial scale.

Architects across the globe are already foaming at their mouths to get their hands on this technology. It's already really popular in China. 

Still, the process isn't quite perfect yet - and that's where the machines of Autodesk University come in.

The software they're hard at work on developing allows complicated structures to be created. They use only a small portion of the embodied energy of other systems. 

Expect big thighs in architecture 2017 when it comes to 3d printing and its impact on how you do business and create plans. 

Apps For Architecture

This architecture 2017 trend might sound unexpected. Still, don't overlook it just because you think apps are only for mobile games or online dating. 

In fact, the architecture tools available to you in App stores are rapidly evolving. They're not just ways to brainstorm or play around with basic ideas anymore. Now, you can really use them to help draw up your plans. 

Apps like SketchUp Mobile Viewer allow you to access your files from anywhere, uses Building Information Modeling capabilities, and lets you download any file you like from their 3D Warehouse. 

Concept Idea Calculator is an app that gives you a pocket calculator. This gives you measurements in span-to-depth for steel projects, wood, and concrete. 

Now, you'll have almost immediate access to pinpointed dimensions for the project you're working on at your fingertips - and you'll also have access to the app's project photos.

This allows you to get a more visual idea of how the materials you're planning to use will look once they've been built. 

Everything's Coming Up Tech In Architecture 2017

Maybe you thought that technology's influence on architecture was just a passing fad.

Or maybe you weren't sure that technology could keep with the growing trends and demands of today's architecture, think again. 

Whether you need an app to get dimensions, want to install attractive solar panels onto a building, or want to use 3D printing, technology has the answers. 

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