real-estate-graphic-design-1.jpgIt is hard to overstate the impact that professional real estate graphic design can have on your business. Click here and learn exactly why it is so critical.

 We live in a visually-oriented, fast-paced world where first impressions matter more than ever before. Real estate graphic design has become the equivalent of a good introduction and a reassuring handshake. It tells prospective sellers and buyers who you are and what you're about with just one glance.

Real estate is a competitive sales arena, so standing out from the crowd is a must. Companies need a modern, high-impact logo and well-designed business materials in order to hold their own.

Do you want your real estate company to reach its highest potential? Read on to learn why real estate graphic design is a crucial factor in your success.

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Building Your Brand

What exactly is building a brand? Branding is the process of attaining company name recognition and building reputation by using recognizable and memorable images and language.

Quality graphic design is essential to branding. A great logo, related company images, and a smart slogan give a company a professional, put-together look.

This presence translates to top quality service in potential clients' minds. They'll remember your company above others and be more inclined to stick with you when the time comes to sign.

First Impressions Matter

A sloppy or cheap logo suggests that the company is the same way. It's assumed that if they didn't spend the time to be presentable and professional, they won't spend the time it takes to deliver quality service.

You want your real estate graphic design elements to convey a strong message to your audience. You need a company image that says you are driven, thorough, and trustworthy.

Agent and Employee Loyalty

A graphically superior brand design is something employees and business partners can take pride in.

Loyal associates are the natural result of an appealing, accomplished brand. Agents want to be a part of a team that conveys professionalism and success.

Credibility with Customers

Investing in exceptional graphic design is a smart move for real estate companies.

The familiar image of your company, if designed well, encourages a positive association with your company's brand.

A compelling logo is something people will take note of when they encounter it, especially if they see it several times. When they are in need of the kind of services you offer, they'll likely remember your company.

You'll have customer loyalty and trust from the beginning, just from your initial presentation.

Don't Get Buried Under Big Names

There are many well-known real estate companies, and you'll easily be forgotten if your brand's graphics aren't notable.

Spending time developing graphics that incorporate color, shape, and words in compelling, visually appealing ways is one of the best marketing moves you'll ever make.

Website Appeal

Most real estate companies today have websites to further assist buyers and sellers and to promote their brand. Well-designed websites drive business.

Attractive graphics instantly give your website a polished, professional appearance that holds the attention of visitors.

You'll retain visitors longer with the right colors and images, instead of having them move on because of bad or cluttered design.

Real Estate Graphic Design: Creating Your Logo

When designing your real estate company's logo, you'll need to consider the following:

  • What images represent your company
  • What colors would be appropriate for your business
  • Influential shapes that could be incorporated in the design
  • Taglines, mottoes, and company slogans

The most effective, easily recognized logos are simple. Complicated or cluttered designs are all too forgettable, landing you in the pile of companies that don't get much attention.

Even if your logo consists only of text, choosing the perfect font can make for a clear, appealing brand.

Logotypes and Logo marks

The elements used in a logo can vary.

Some companies use logos that do not contain the name of the business, only a graphic image. This is a logo mark. Many large corporations have easily recognizable logo marks.

Other companies use logotype, which is a logo containing only specially designed text with no graphic images.

Color Choice Is Important

Color associations have a powerful influence. People associate many emotions and concepts with color, whether they realize it or not.

Designing your logo with this in mind puts you ahead of the game. The way your image makes potential customers feel has an incredible effect on their decision-making process.

Here are some general color associations relevant to logo design:

  • Blue - signifies trustworthiness, serenity, and security
  • Yellow - is cheery, stimulating, high-energy
  • Red - conveys passion, intensity, strength, and courage
  • Orange - suggests enthusiasm and energy
  • Black - imparts a look of sleek sophistication and power
  • White - conveys simplicity and cleanliness

Color combinations should complement one another in a way that draws customers in and lets them process and remember a design. They should be appropriate to the business and should reinforce your company's values and mission.

For simplicity's sake, just a few good colors implemented in an effective graphic can give your real estate company an edge.

The Psychology of Shape

Just as colors have associations for many people, shapes can represent values or feelings.

Here are some general shape associations relevant to logo design:

  • Circle - represents love, comfort, protection, family, and being connected
  • Triangle - conveys energy, power, strength, and balance
  • Square - demonstrates logic, order, and security

Symmetrical logos are usually more balanced and appealing to the eye. While symmetry isn't the rule, it's a good idea to keep it in mind during logo design.

Let Your Graphics Suggest Your Specialty

When selecting the visual elements that will make up your logo, consider an image that represents your specialty.

For example, in real estate, specialty graphics can be an image related to your specific region or it can be an image that represents the type of property you're selling.

This gives anyone who sees your logo an instant idea of what types of services you're offering.

Subtle, Bold, or Classic, but Always Dynamic

Real estate is an exciting business for everyone involved. Real estate graphic design should make a statement about a company's honesty, success with negotiations, and accuracy with pricing, among other things.

All of this can be represented quickly and in a small space by careful professional graphic design.

Modern graphic designers give companies a marketing edge with a creative use of design elements, consideration of color theory, and knowledge of consumer psychology. They use colors that are meaningful and images that are unique and memorable to make a logo that can supercharge a business.

Your real estate company can outshine the others with great graphic design. We have the perfect graphic design services to unlock your company's full potential.

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