Why is diversity in architecture so important? If the architecture world actively works to improve its diversity gap, we would see so many benefits as a result. 

More Community-Minded Development

Diversity in architecture is important because it will allow architects to truly represent the communities they are designing for. Community-minded development provides advocates for a wide variety of groups who live in different communities when major decisions are being made. 

When architects actually speak for those who aren't heard, the negative impact of the building process will be minimized. These architects will be able to raise awareness of important community issues. Plus, they will be able to come up with better solutions for the communities they serve overall. 

Architecture Profession Promotion

If more diverse teams are seen in architecture firms, then the profession will seem more attainable or encouraging for those from underrepresented cultures. 

More resources will encourage young people to join architecture, no matter their gender or ethnicity. Then we could see a further increase in interest and accessibility in this profession. 

So much good can come from architecture when different cultures are recognized. By awarding diversity, these role models will only encourage students to follow their dreams and passions, thus shaping the architect world.

Fresh Creativity

Diverse backgrounds can actually bring new creativity to the design table. More resourceful ideas will be brought to the table. We will see more innovation in architecture from perspectives that have never been heard before. 

More creative solutions could change the architecture world in a positive way. New ideas and visions could improve the built and virtual environment and inspire others to get into this profession. 

Improved Business

Did you know diversity is actually great for business? Companies with diverse executive boards have a 95% higher return on equity than those who don't.  This indicates architecture firms will be more successful if they include more underrepresented groups.

Let's Encourage Diversity in Architecture

So, no matter who you are in the architecture world, let's all do our best to foster diversity in architecture. 


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