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The Best Digital Marketing Ideas to Use This Summer

Look no further than some of the best digital marketing strategies being used today. Follow ideas from the top online brands and watch your business grow!


    The real estate market is heating up, and this Summer may be one of the hottest sales opportunity you've had yet. Do you have the best digital marketing strategy to get found?

Buyers, sellers, and investors are eyeing property.

The Pending Home Sales forecast is up 0.4%. The commercial vacancy is showing positive. And, Millenials and Gen Z are making their move to ownership.

Marketing strategies used in prior years need updating. The social media and technology landscape has already changed. This article shares the best strategies to grow your realty business this summer.

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies: 9 Hot Summer Tactics for Real Estate Pros

Real estate marketing is closely aligned with other forms of small business marketing. But, unlike with small business competition -- usually, a handful -- your real estate business may compete with thousands in a popular area!

Here's what you'll learn in the next, two sections:

  • Fundamental digital marketing strategies
  • Real estate-specific marketing tactics

The fundamental strategies offer a blanketed approach to building brand and business exposure. The specifics will amplify those tactics.

Let's go...

The Fundamental Strategies

The fundamental strategies get your website, social, and paid efforts on a level playing field with competitors. These strategies also set the foundation for all, following efforts akin to building a home.

Make the following mission critical:

1. Website/Social Audit

A website/social audit pinpoints marketing flaws by revealing underperforming pages and platforms. This activity removes and swaps lackluster efforts with modern, optimized strategies.

Check every page/platform for the following:

  1. Search engine placement
  2. Organic search traffic
  3. Keyword optimization
  4. Content depth (and call-to-action)
  5. Link profile & social shares

Remove or combine underperforming pages. Else, redirect those pages to your bigger, better landing pages and blog content. Do this with the various social media platforms you use, too.

2. Content Creation

Content marketing benefits from these three:

  • Plan
  • Long-form content
  • Outreach

Begin an effort to target BIG topics in your market and industry. Use how-tos, lists, and interviews to create engagement and authority. Then, leverage your network to share and continually update these major features.

Then, do the following:

  • Use Google suggested search to find new content topic ideas
  • Research and create better 'best-of' competitor content
  • Explore video and interactive media formats to add content value
  • Tap social media and your newsletters as an exclusive distribution channel

3. Link Building

Improve the on-page optimization and content marketing by building links from relevant websites. Or, platforms in your market.

High-profile, authority links raise your site's value. This correlates with search engine placement.

Where can you build links to your realty business site?

  • Local directories via submissions
  • News outlets via interviews
  • Press releases via PR newswires
  • Guest blogging via outreach

Create a list and reach site owners offering content or resources. Otherwise, provide exceptional value to the social community and hope your efforts are covered (and linked) on sites.

4. Referral Engines

Referrals account for many quality leads and clients. Affiliate marketing and referral software give site owners a way to track and reward mentions.

With affiliate/referral marketing, you turn passionate followers into sales associates. Incentives like a 1-5% commissions could attract online marketing professionals. These individuals would increase lead volume and brand exposure without any upfront costs.

Amplifying the Realty Marketing Tactics

Now, we'll get into the high-tech real estate marketing efforts. These strategies are on the cusp of widespread adoption. Getting in now will place your business in front of the market and prospects.

5. 3D Video Tours

Matterport reshaped digital marketing by fueling 3D video tour production. Plus, explains finer details through notes.

Here is the (simplified) process:

  1. Buy a 360-ready camera with ultra-wide lenses
  2. Buy and install 360-capable video editing software
  3. Record walkthroughs of the property
  4. Edit and upload the video to YouTube or embed on your site

Otherwise, leave it to the professionals to create stunning works.

6. 3D Modeling

3D Modeling provides a similar inside peek at property design. This software gives investors and construction professionals a detailed breakdown of each room. These models are also developed with the Matterport software.

The 3D model tour swaps the virtual/in-property tour -- and effective with:

  • Embedded property listings
  • Video marketing efforts
  • Client presentations

A professional could use 3D tours alongside promo material effectively increasing the excitement in their pitch. This software lets professionals stage the property using drag-and-drop features.

7. Drone Photography/Video

Drone photography and video help sell the location, not only the place. The media gives an eagle-eyed view of the property. Drones are also used to capture on-location tours leveraging their stable video and high-def cameras.

Want to try drones with your promotions?

  1. Pick and choose a beginner-friendly drone/quadcopter
  2. Record fly-throughs and overhead shots displaying the property
  3. Import and edit footage in a video editing suite
  4. Add the video to video platforms and embedded in property listings

8. Live Chat and Chatbots

Millenials, 66% of first-time home buyers, are typically more inclined to spend extensive hours researching property. The primary research tool is their phone.

Embedding live chat features on your site allows you to quickly respond to tech-savvy home buying individuals. This could improve property recommendations. A chatbot replaces live chat during off hours.

Explore live chat with:

  • LivePerson
  • Kayako
  • LiveChat

Or, a chatbot with:

  • Amazon Lex
  • Bold360
  • WorkFusion

9. SMS Marketing

There are nearly 5 billion mobile phone users globally. Most check their messages within minutes of receiving.

There are many uses for SMS marketing:

  • List building
  • Sharing coupons
  • Automated responses

Delivering in-demand information could combine other marketing efforts like promotional brochures or signage. This strategy also provides customer data you could use to improve campaign and sales performance.

Popular platforms include Trumpia and Twilio. Most SMS marketing platforms charge per text.

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with DesignBlendz

A report by the NAR found 44% of all buyers seek properties online before a sale. Center to this search is interactive media and presentation -- a way to view the home beyond 2D imagery.

We've perfected the art of 3D rendering and visualizations here at DesignBlendz.

Our 3D experiences create engaging media to help realty listings stand out. We believe our process and delivery is the best digital marketing opportunity.

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