The 5 Most Effective Staging Solutions You Should Know

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The 5 Most Effective Staging Solutions You Should Know

Are you feeling overwhelmed about staging a house? Click here! We're sharing the 5 most effective staging solutions you should know!

There's a lot to consider when staging a house for viewing. When you're trying to tackle an entire property, it can be hard to decide where to start and what should take priority.

The good news is that staging for selling doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are some simple solutions you can try which will make all the difference and help get that property off the market much faster. 

Here are 5 effective staging solutions that you can use to prepare a property for viewing.

Why stage a house?

Staging a house for viewings is an incredibly effective way of selling it fast. Homes that have been treated to expert staging solutions tend to sit on the market for 73% less time.

When asked, 46% of online property browsers said that staging made them more willing to visit and have a walk-through in person.

Houses that have been properly staged can also sell for an average 17% more than the asking price, so it's worth adding a staging for sale to your list of marketing ideas

Staging isn't just good for buyers that are viewing the house in person. Professional photography of the staged home interior can be added to online property listings and can also add value to 3D virtual tours and video tours.

If you're sold on the idea, read on and discover some of the most effective and affordable staging solutions you can try. 

5 effective staging solutions

1. Start with a clean slate

It's no good investing a lot of time and effort into thinking upstaging solutions when you haven't covered the basics first.

Hire a cleaning team to come in and give the property a thorough, deep clean from top to bottom. Buyers are much more likely to warm to a property that they see as being a clean slate and that means erasing the grime of an existing occupant.

2. Manage the maintenance

Tatty-looking homes don't sell, so before you move on to furniture and styling, give the property a once-over and see if anything can be fixed, touched up or improved.

A fresh lick of paint, moving the lawn and completing any faulty home-improvement tasks will help create a good foundation for your stylish staging solutions.

3. De-clutter

A house filled with knick-knacks and too many pieces of furniture can create a cluttered look that turns prospective buyers off.

Give the illusion of space by moving furniture away from the walls and by taking out any excess pieces. Adding mirrors in key locations can also help create a spacious feel, as well as letting more light into rooms.

Remove clutter and ornaments from surfaces and replace them with modern, neutral decorations that appeal to the buying demographic.

4. Focus on family rooms

When viewing a home, people tend to focus on family rooms the most. Pay special attention to the kitchen and lounge rooms, removing any pre-existing family clutter to help set the scene for a new family.

This staging solution works best when you add soft, cozy furnishings, set places at the kitchen table, or add flowers.

5. Evict the pets

It may be hard for some homeowners to hear, but removing pets from a home before a viewing is one of the best staging solutions you can have in your box of tricks. 

Take them for a walk, move cages outside or into a neighbors house and tidy up to make sure there aren't any lingering pet hairs or odors that might hurt a home's chances of selling.

Staging solutions are simple, affordable and, most of all, effective when it comes to selling a property fast. Try some of this today and see the difference they can make.

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