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Staging a home has become a key factor in getting it sold more quickly and often for a higher selling price. You can count on buyers wanting to see the potential of every space within a home they are considering for purchase.

What you can't count on is the buyer using their imagination! That's where staging steps in.

While living space is important to homebuyers, so are the more intimate spaces in a house. Don't neglect staging bedrooms and bathrooms when prepping a home for the market.

Bedrooms can be presented as inviting, relaxing rooms with just a few simple changes. 

Staging Bedrooms

It really comes down to three main factors when staging a bedroom. Let's call them the 3 "L's":

  1. Lighting
  2. Lack of clutter
  3. Less is more


It is recommended that you use variations in the type of lighting throughout the rooms of the home being staged. This includes the bedroom.

Bedrooms should be an inviting space, so be careful not to make the lighting too harsh.

Dress up bedside tables with bright lamps while turning down recessed lighting to a soft dim. Leaving the curtains tied back from windows will help reflect the light as well. 

If there are no windows, or if there is minimal natural light, adding a mirror to a wall or floor stand can help reflect the light and can help smaller spaces feel more open.

Lack of clutter

When staging bedrooms, remember that this is where the buyer will finish their day. For most people, clutter is the enemy of relaxation.

Pack away as many personal items from a bedroom as possible. Photographs etc. should be stored away during the staging process.

Buyers need to be able to see a home as potentially their own. It's hard to do that when looking at a photo of someone else's family!

P.S. Closet Space Sells!

When decluttering bedrooms, don't forget the closets. Surveyed buyers have indicated that more or larger closets are a big part of their wish list when looking at potential homes.

Less is more

Keeping neutral colors is important when staging bedrooms. Bolder colors can be a turnoff to buyers.

The key to using color is to accentuate, not eliminate! A neutral bedspread with a few colorful throw pillows can give style to a room without overwhelming the space.

Try to keep the bedrooms as gender neutral as possible. Buyers with children will want to be able to visualize rooms as a possibility for the children they have.

Creativity is Key

Staging bedrooms might sound simple but there are times when you may have to work with an unusual or tight space.

Using space saving furniture to show how small spaces can work and work well will pay off when that buyer doesn't see a small room as a dealbreaker.

Virtual staging for online viewing can also be a great tool. Contact us today about how we can help you show the maximum potential of your listings!

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