The 4 Benefits of BIM Consulting for Your Firm


The 4 Benefits of BIM Consulting for Your Firm

If you're a small firm considering BIM consulting, you need to read this post! Click here to learn the 4 benefits of BIM consulting for small firms!

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling or Building Information Model. It's the process of designing a building collaboratively using computer models.

That might not sound like anything too exciting, but for those in the know, BIM is the future of building.

The system brings together working in architecture, engineering, and construction. Each industry plays some role in the build process, and those roles combine in the BIM model.

The National Institute of Building Sciences defines BIM as:

“A digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility… and a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.”

We'll narrow that down to this; Computer modeling that brings together all relevant building information to streamline current and future processes.

In short, BIM makes things easier. So much easier, that every small firm needs BIM consulting.

Don't believe us? Then check out the 4 benefits of BIM consulting for your firm. 

Seamless Integration

Before BIM, large scale building projects relied on a series of computer images that combined to form the overall layout.

This meant each industry (architecture, engineering, and construction) was making their own images and hopefully communicating with one another.

Not exactly seamless transfer of information. You probably know exactly what we're talking about.

Having trouble getting in touch with the guys from engineering? BIM solves that problem.

BIM computer modeling ensures everyone is looking at the same 3D render. The construction guys see exactly the same information as the engineers.

No more disconnect.  BIM has helped us save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It has even helped us find clients space they didn't know existed previously.

Increased ROI

Small firms generally have high overheads. You're making money, but seeing too much fall into the black.

BIM consulting can help with this by increasing your ROI. A study found that the maturity of a firm's BIM correlated with high return on investment. Firms with less mature BIM had worse ROI.

This stems from the ways in which BIM consulting can change your workflow. As we mentioned previously, everything becomes streamlined.

ROI increases thanks to a reduction in errors, efficient resource use, information dissemination, and attracting people ready to work with emerging technology.

Attracting the best minds attracts the best customers, who pay the highest fees.

BIM Consulting Means No More Outsourcing

One could put this under "Increased ROI," but we felt like reduced outsourcing deserved its own category.

Many small firms outsource their computer rendering to "save money," and avoid the hassle. Your firm might fit this description.

However, actually saving money means keeping your rendering in-house. BIM can consolidate your computer rendering process into one all-encompassing model.

Everyone accesses this model, and there's no need to outsource for many different renderings.

Trust In The Final Build Quality

BIM modeling allows for something like a virtual inspection before your project is ever completed.

The 3D model containing layers and layers of different building systems lets your firm run virtual "tests" to ensure your systems work.

It allows testing your building, both structurally and its internal systems, well before you ever break ground.

BIM modeling is the future, and small firms would do well to stay ahead of the game.

Choosing a quality BIM consulting firm can help get you ready to embrace BIM to the fullest. 

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