Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Can Use On the Go

These real estate marketing ideas are all about convenience - and yes, most you can do on your phone. Why not get more out of your time this year?

Whatever field you work in, you want to stand out

No place is this truer than in the field of real estate. Well, except maybe in Hollywood.

This is why it's important to keep those real estate marketing ideas coming, and keep them fresh.

Because in real estate, like in Hollywood, you have to always put your best foot forward and showcase what you've got. And these days, that sometimes requires doing something a little different and coloring outside the lines.

Coming up with new and original real estate marketing ideas doesn't have to be difficult, though.

Just remember that you're not trying to reinvent the wheel.  

You need only to take some time to think about how you're relating to people, as well as to identify the ways your website content, email marketing, and social media posts can be a little more interesting.

These are the real estate marketing ideas we're really liking lately:

Interact on Social Media.

There's no way around it.

The old ideas are no longer effective. You need social media as part of your real estate marketing plan.

Get active on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. When you "like" others, you build a following.

Explore local Facebook groups where you can post requests, like, for example, recommendations for reputable contractors or renovators. It's a great resource.  

Get a Blog.

This is a really low cost and natural route to generating leads. And content is king.

Think up ideas that are relevant to your industry and write posts.

If you're not a natural writer, don't worry. There are plenty of blog writers out there who would be happy to provide content that will maximize your SEO and bring more traffic to your site. 

Use Video.

This year, video is expected to be nearly 3/4 of internet traffic and is increasingly a part of the real estate discovery experience. And with the recent addition of Facebook Live and Snapchat video, you can nab in-the-moment home and neighborhood experiences. 

Consider posting client testimonials during closings, showing your clients thanking you by name and sharing how excited they are to be in their new home.

They might even throw you some praise.

Then you can post the video to your blog, share it on Social Media and tag everyone involved when sharing, including the client, the closer, the other agent, the title company and the mortgage lender.

Everyone loves a nice home-coming and these videos get great exposure. 

Get Out on the Streets.

Don't be afraid. In spite of our digital tendencies lately, there's still a ton of value in old-school physical interaction.

Go out and talk to people face-to-face. Connect with local businesses and network as much as you can.

People are more inclined to buy from someone they like (in a non-internet capacity) and if you take the opportunity to talk with consumers in person your chances for a sale increase dramatically.

Be a Brand Name Dropper.

This is an especially pertinent real estate marketing idea for those in the luxury sector.

Take inventory of the appliances with high falutin' names. You'll also want to note any connections to local name-brand architects, designers, and contractors.

Luxury brands in the home equate to a luxury price tag so use them.

Capitalize on the latest memes.

Memes are all over the place. And while they can be wonderfully amusing distractions, you can also use them to your benefit. 

Once you find a meme that's popping up all over the internet, figure out a way you can use it on your social media platforms or in a blog post. Doing so could be key in making connections with your targeted demographic.

Keep in mind though that you want to stick with memes that are inoffensive and appropriate. (If you don't trust your judgment, ask.)

Use Reddit.

If you haven't wandered onto the Reddit site, go give it a try.

There are countless forum boards on the site devoted to the most specific topics in the world — including owning, selling, buying, improving and restoring homes.

Find the boards where people are looking to buy or sell properties and seeking the kind of wisdom and advice only you can provide regarding their mortgages or tax tips.

You'll score some points for sure.

Price Under Market Value.

This one is so simple and culled right from Real Estate Marketing Ideas 101.

If the fair market value of a house you've listed is $300,000, you may want to advise the seller to list slightly below the market value.

This will expose the property to more potential buyers who will then schedule appointments to view the property.

The result? Multiple offers being written on the property and then a bidding war.

It's human nature that people want what other people want. By executing this tactic, the final purchase price often ends up surpassing the fair market value.

And you've got happy sellers who will recommend you.

Limit Showings & Create Deadline

On the other side of the multiple showings coin is limiting showings.

Limiting the showings of a property to a single open house facilitates many buyers all coming at once to see the house over a three to four hour window.

This is just another example of people wanting what other people want. The more crowded the open house, the more buyers feel like everyone else is going to bid for this property and will bid higher.

Happy seller again. 

Get a Little Help from Your Friends

It's safe to assume you have other friends besides realtors.

So can you use any of their talents toward selling a home?

For example, do you know an artist or two whose works you can display in the house you're showing? Or maybe a friend who does great home renovations?

It's a win-win in that it helps sell the home while showcasing their work. 

Embrace the Power of the Pet.

This real estate marketing idea is so simple.

Just feature a cat sleeping in the sun or a dog sitting faithfully by the door in your listing shots to give them a homier feel.

Of course, not everybody is a pet person. But chances are the occasional pet photo isn't going to turn anybody away in utter revulsion. They'll go largely ignored.

In the meantime, you might pull in some animal lovers.

Boost “Sexiness”

We're not talking anything inappropriate here. 

But just like you want to stand out as an exceptional realtor, you also want your listings to stand above the others. Your house needs a "wow" factor.

You can do this by appealing to the buyers on an emotional level.

For example, if your client wants security, you can install almost any type of “smart home” technology for less than $200. Things like smart door locks, smart thermostats, and smart CO detectors can be purchased in the $100-200 range.

One realtor even bought a used Jacuzzi tub on Craigslist for $700, put it on the rear deck, and then boosted the selling price $5,000. The phone rang off the (now non-existent) hook for showing requests.

So as you can see, with a little ingenuity and thought, it's easy to incorporate simple real estate marketing ideas that won't break the bank. In fact, you could even do a lot of them from your phone. 

Do you have any other ideas you'd like to share? Let us know. 


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