she-shackYou've heard of man caves, right? Now it's the ladies' turn to have their own space.  Say hello to the female version - she shack.

 When we think of man caves, we probably picture Sunday night football and stocked fridges- a space a man can claim, with all the trappings of the masculine aesthetic. Women have answered this men's-only retreat concept with their own version - the she shack!

More diverse in design and purpose than the traditional man cave, the she shack is a bespoke woman-centric space designed as the perfect ladies' getaway. Want to learn more about this popular trend? 

From Simple Shed to Custom Oasis

What started as a way to carve out some private space for female energy has turned into a DIY design phenomenon.

The she shack concept had its humble beginnings on Pinterest. A few creative minds realized they could re-purpose their underused backyard potting sheds into something more useful. On a quest to find a feminine hideaway, this ladies-only clubhouse concept was born.

Now, custom shacks are a growing market of contemporary whimsy. But why is their popularity soaring?

The Need For "Me Time"

With workplace stress on the rise, women are looking for a sanctuary to relax and escape to. Enter the she shack - a tiny space big on creativity and suited for the individual needs of each woman who owns one.

Women are singing the praises of private spaces. One woman told Today that her small shed actually improved her marriage.

A space free of distractions, responsibilities, and the weight of the workday, these oases offer a respite from the pressures of the everyday. With less paid leave, less vacation time, and less opportunity for relaxation becoming the norm - who couldn't benefit from a space designed just for them?

The Endless Possibilities of the She Shack

The booming tiny house market means ideas and resources for small spaces are on the rise. They don't necessarily skimp on the luxury- less square footage means higher quality finishes cost much less to implement.

Some women may be interested in utilizing existing sheds, but the trend also includes prefab and newly-designed structures with purpose in mind. Even home improvement retailers like Lowes are offering build ideas to potential customers.

Shed-enthusiasts might choose to go with a custom layout full of windows for an art studio. Others might create a miniature library for a quiet night with a book and glass of wine. Some women have even designed their spaces for entertaining a few friends during ladies' night.

Imagine a craft room full of storage for uninterrupted projects, or a sunny retreat for yoga or meditation. The concept of niche comfort has lots of opportunity for creative design and construction.

Many personalized touches include creative landscaping, rehabbed furniture pieces, eclectic lighting and even custom storage.

A Space She Deserves

Decorated inside and out, and filled with antique treasures, she shacks can be whatever space a woman needs. No two are alike, which is the charming attraction of these feminine retreats. The trend seems like it's here to stay.

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