How 3D Real Estate Tech Helps You Sell More Homes

Times are changing, and the real estate industry is evolving in turn! Here's how 3D real estate tech and virtual tours are giving agents a leg-up.

Have you ever watched one of the many HGTV shows where they do the renovations and part of the segment shows the old getting ripped out and 3D walls, furniture, and fixtures swoop in?

It's exciting, isn't it?

There's almost a level of gaming to watching how a room is reimagined much like playing the classic, popular game: The Sims.

We feel as if we could play around with the 3D real estate. They're easy to imagine because they give us the ability to see how it all fits into the design. It's as if we could reach in, move the pieces around, and change it to our liking much like you'd find in doll houses and other play toys.

Want to sell more homes using this neat 3D real estate technology?

Welcome to the World of 3D Real Estate

We're all adults now.

Yet, that understanding of design doesn't go away because we've traded toys for 3D graphics

Imagine what it would be like if you could present clients with a unique design and allow them to interact with the changes through 3D rendering, animations, and even virtual reality!

These don't need to always be just in the design. The 3D real estate rendering can come from the combination of technology and what's already in the home. It gives the prospect an opportunity to do a virtual tour but get a true sense of scale which isn't always available with your typical flat picture real estate listings.

The leading examples of how 3D real estate tech has been shaping the way homes are being sold can be found through three main areas:

  • floor plans
  • virtual tours
  • virtual home staging

Think about this: 90% of home buyers are now using the Web when searching for their next investment. These people aren't always in the area to take a tour.

The 3D real estate technologies and tactics are what has been changing the real estate industry as a whole. Give people the opportunity to tour and play with the design and they'll sell themselves on the property.

The Leader in 3D Real Estate Technology

Do a search for 3D real estate technology and you'll keep coming up with the same name: Matterport.

Matterport is a leading technology for those wanting to display their listings through 3D real estate floor plans, tours, and staging.

The technology comes with a host of valuable features, including:

There are also alternatives in the space such as CubiCasa which is providing healthy competition which benefits all real estate agents gunning for the 3D real estate technology to help sell their listings.

Once you're on board with this technology you'd wonder...

How 3D Real Estate Fits In It All

The 3D real estate technology brings a lot to the table:

  • Availability - Send the tour to any interested party vs having to do a physical tour or open house
  • Customization - Customize the look to the client's tastes which could help with turning them into buyers
  • Multimedia - Give the prospects more to examine through embedded videos, optional photos, call-to-actions, examples, and more.

All-in-all, the 3D real estate push is going to be a major game-changer for the industry. You need to get on this today else you could soon find yourself struggling to compete with those that embrace the technology.

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