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Nothing is worse in home staging than staging with outdated trends. We're sharing the best home staging trends of 2017 that you need to use. Click here!

When you're trying to stage a home, you want to stay current. While trends change faster than the wind in some cases, you need to keep up with them to ensure that your homes are designed to sell.

So what are the best trends for 2017? Look no further: we've got the top 5 home staging trends right here.

Warm textures

To ensure that your house is designed to sell, you'll want to head in a warmer direction, not a colder one.

Many homes are being chosen for their natural look and the homey, cozy feel that they give off.

To make sure that your home is show-ready, see about incorporating textures such as reclaimed wood, cork, and various other woods into the space. These add character, but they're neutral enough to ensure that anybody looking will be able to imagine themselves in the space.

Go glam

This seems like a random addition, right? If we're talking about natural textures and homey touches, then it doesn't seem like glamor should fit.

However, the key is to balance the glamor with nature.

The idea of modern glamor is to incorporate that into contemporary design. You still want the clean lines and the fresh colors, but you want to accent that with pure luxury.

Faux fur on chairs, or metallic surfaces in the kitchen, or glass tabletops go a long way to glam up your space. This can transport buyers to a more luxurious atmosphere, which can heighten their impression of your home.


Gray is out, and taupe is in.

Something to look out for prior to putting a home on the market is to make sure your home still looks like a home, but more neutral. You can't go any more neutral than taupe, especially this year.

Taupe seems plain, but it's got warm tones in it that heavily compliment the current nature and warmth trend. It's also subtle enough to highlight any glamorous luxury that you've put in.

Also, if you want to create the perfect home staging, pair taupe with black and white. The contrast is sleek and appealing, not to mention eye-catching.


Let's take a breath and head back to nature with this next one. Green conjures up images of summer trees and bright grass, and it goes great with any wood floors in your home.

The most effective way to use this color is to use it as a pop of color against neutral tones. Use it as a pop of color, and your home staging will be phenomenal.


Remember what we said about glamor and metallic surfaces? If you're going with anything, make sure it's copper.

While rose gold may be starting to shuffle out of the scene, copper carries on its legacy with its unique hue and its warm tones. Copper looks antiquated, which brings more character to your space than polished metals.

Depending on where it's placed and its surroundings, copper can be surprisingly versatile, changing from antique to glamorous.

Houses in 2017 are designed to sell

Make sure that you aren't stuck in the past when it comes to the home staging trends that you prefer. Nothing's worse than walking into a house and finding that it looks straight from the 1970s and the decor's never been updated.

Proper home staging can catapult a home into the future, so take advantage of it.

Any questions? We're happy to help!

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