Do you sell homes in a crowded real estate market? Are you looking for ways to make your homes and commercial spaces more appealing to buyers? The housing market in Los Angeles and New York is worth more than $5 trillion, and home prices are rising steadily across the country.

But how do you stand out in a crowd? You can't grow your real estate business without "branding" yourself. We'll cover a few ways that you can make your real estate company more recognizable to potential clients. 

We'll also show you how to find a graphic designer. They are key to success in the changing real estate market.

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of making your company familiar to clients. It could involve a standout logo, printed brochures, or a website. You could also make t-shirts, stress balls, or pens. 

In general, if you're not online, you should immediately get yourself a website. Younger clients are used to finding information online, and more than 85% of all home sales start with an online search. 

The benefit of developing a recognizable brand is that you'll attract more clients, make more sales, and have an easier time finding repeat business. Hiring a graphic designer is a great way to start formulating a brand strategy.

Where to Find Graphic Designers

There are several websites that help you find a freelance graphic designer. You could hire someone full-time, of course, but you would have to pay them for their down time. If you only need someone for a few days per week, go freelance. 

When you're looking for a graphic designer, you'll be looking at their portfolios. Try to find someone who has experience with logos and printed marketing collateral.

It's important that your graphic designer "gets" the impression you're trying to make. If you have a minimalist style, you should look for someone with a similar portfolio.

To start your search for graphic designers, just Google "freelance graphic designers." You'll find dozens of websites that will help you get started with your search.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

In addition to checking out at least a dozen portfolios, you should figure out how much you can pay your graphic designer. The standard market rate for graphic designers is $50 to $100 per hour.

Try to find a designer with a great track record of doing projects on time. They should have several client testimonials and present themselves professionally. 

If you're a Realtor, search for a designer who has 3-D visualization skills. They can save you time by staging your homes online, without the need to do it in person. 

3-D renderings are the future of residential and commercial sales. Instead of stressing out the owners, moving furniture, and painting the walls, you can stage a home online.

You can even provide clients a virtual walkthrough before construction starts. This is where an experienced graphic designer can help you succeed. 

Expanding Your Online Presence

Once you find a graphic designer, you should work out payment details in writing. Also, let the designer know what your time frame is, because every delay will cost you money and time. 

In addition to a graphic designer, you might need to hire a freelance writer to do your website. They can write descriptions of all the homes and commercial properties.

Writers can also create the text for brochures and other printed materials. Part of expanding your brand online is optimizing your website. Website optimization sounds complicated, but it's pretty straightforward.

Basically, the writer will include some "key phrases" when they write for your website. These terms will help clients find you on Google and make your company more visible. 

If you're not a computer person, it's totally fine. It's worth it to hire a freelance graphic designer and a freelance writer to get the job done.

To Print or Not to Print?

There is so much to be gained by getting your business online, but should you abandon the brochures and business cards? 

A well-written business card can get you a ton of referrals. With new laser printing options, your graphic designer can create a memorable business card. 

One great reason to hire a versatile graphic designer is that they can do it all: brochures, postcards, logos, and 3-D real estate renderings

Look for a graphic designer who has at least an Associate's degree in graphic design. A Bachelor's in graphic design or fine art is preferable, along with three to five years of experience. 

If you see a young graphic designer and want to take a chance, ask them to design a logo for you first. You'll get to know their style and you'll be able to see if they hand in work on time. 

Another option for testing a graphic designer is to ask them to do your logo in three different styles. You'll have to pay for these tests, of course, but you'll get a good idea of their skill level.

How to Find a Graphic Designer Quickly

If you're wondering how to find a graphic designer quickly, just start searching online. You can review portfolios and then ask a few designers to do a paid sample. 

Think about the message, or brand, that you're trying to convey. Do you prefer bright art and bold colors, or are you more of a black-and-white minimalist? Once you have the inspiration for branding, you'll be able to find a suitable graphic designer. 

A paid sample is a great way to see which graphic designers deliver on time. It's so vital to have work turned in before the deadline, so give your designers a day or two and see what they can do. 

In general, you want to see a degree. However, a great designer with equivalent work experience could be even better. It comes down to your preferences as a business owner. 

We offer comprehensive 3-D renderings and design plans for your business. Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We're looking forward to helping your business thrive.

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