A building is more than four walls. Here's what your 3D animation creation needs to have to successfully sell your project.


Who doesn’t love 3D drawings and animated videos?

Real estate companies strive to find new ways to attract potential customers into buying a property from them and what better way than 3D drawings to bring the properties to life.

The 3D design technology available today is a great tool to attract new customers but also allow the customers to envision exactly what the house looks like. This is particularly useful for international customers who may not be able to visit the property before purchase. 

A 3D animation will bring to life a property that is under development, so your clients can see the end result before you have even started building.

To achieve this same goal, architects have chosen to use the advancement in technology to their advantage. From 2D-models to 3D models and now to 3D animation; our designers are able to keep up with the demands of your clients. 

Animation creation is an effective way to visualize the property in question from anywhere in the world.

The 3D animation is precise, realistic and can sell the house for you.  All the measurements and details will be provided by the 3D software. The software can be flattened to 2D, e.g. the house plans. 

Previously, we have contemplated how to create a 3D model. As the market is competitive, your designs need to stand out.

Continue reading about what should be included in the 3D architectural rendering of a property.

Think Before You Design

Before sitting down and turning on your computer, conceptualize how are you going to tackle the process of designing.

Think about what the client wants vs. what is actually possible and meets any building codes. 

How you are going to get the attention of your customers? How are you going to develop their curiosity in your project?

For architectural rendering, you have to decide where you are going to place the staircase, light fixtures, and windows.

Map out your ideas so it becomes easy for you to finalize the design.

If you are making a video, tell the clients about the placement of architectural elements. For instance, you can inform them why you placed a window in a specific wall or why two rooms are not facing each other. This will help with any concerns they have surrounding certain designs. 

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Choosing the Software for Animation Creation

Now move on to selecting an architecture software.

As 3D architecture animation is growing there are many software options that have stepped into the market.

AutoCAD Architecture is created by AutoDesk. It is useful for projects which include both 2D and 3D design. To summarize its benefits, AutoCAD comes with solid, mesh and surfacing tools which let you create realistic animation.

Furthermore, you can contact the other individuals who are working on the same animation project. 

Planning is as important as executing. Utilized more in the gaming industry, 3D Studio Max is an ideal tool for previsualizing the model. Just click a few buttons and your idea comes to life. 

For 3D modeling, Rhino is the perfect answer as it comes with extraordinary tools to increase the accuracy of the structure. In other words, you will feel like you can touch the models with your hand. 

Revit has been solely created for the architecture industry.

It is easy to use the feature to make it easy for you to complete your project. Furthermore, it also helps you to communicate with your colleagues. Read about the difference between AutoCAD and Revit here.

What to Include

There are a few things that are extremely important when designing a 3D render. 

Firstly, the 3D model should be built up from the 2D construction plans of the house. Include all the correct external and internal dimensions.

Once you have the correct room dimensions, you can then go into more detail about the actual design.

When you are creating the drawing, think neutral. Neutral walls, neutral bathrooms, neutral kitchens, etc. White, beige and light grey are your friends. Add a bright feature or two, but absolutely keep the crazy colors for your own house. 

Neutral designs will appeal to more customers as they can imagine how their tastes and their furniture will fit into the property. 

Include practical elements in your design. If you know your client already, and they have a young family, consider making the most out of the space in the kitchen and living areas. 

Finally, if you know your client, include what they have asked, and exclude anything they said no to. Of course, the design must meet building codes and these are something to bear in mind when listening to client demands.

Consider Creating a Video

Once you have created the 3D drawing, consider turning it into a video - called a "walkthrough". This can be done in most design applications. You can also screen record a manual walkthrough on your computer and go into iMovie and record a voice over.

This is a great idea to explain the layout of the house and anything you want to highlight to your customers about the design choices you have made. 

Any videos you create can be dual-purposed as marketing material too. Customers want to know that a company uses the most up to date technology. 

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3D Animation: Breath of Fresh Air

3D architectural rendering and architectural software may be complex but it is a vital tool to use for real estate agents in the modern world. It expands the reach of your business by allowing international clients to view properties from anywhere in the world. 

If you would like 3D architectural drawings or animation creation for your company, get in touch with us today. 


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