There are several stages of construction, do you know them? If not, this guide will help you learn and understand the different stages of construction.

 As you get excited about your new home, you may want to be informed about the process of building from the ground up. While creating design plans can be an exciting element in your new construction, watching it come to life is even better.

However, there are several stages of construction and prep-work for that construction. Keep your speed expectations in check by knowing what the various stages are.

Ideally, you've received all the proper documents you need and perhaps qualified for a construction loan. The fun beings when the walls are put in place and you watch your design come together.

Be smart and stay informed when you visit your home or real estate construction site. This guide will show you the stages of building and what you can expect at each different stage:

1. Clearing the Site Is the First of the Stages of Construction

First, your construction site has to be completely cleared according to the plot and plans for the building. Depending on the type of land you are building on, soil-testing and site-leveling procedures may need to be performed.

Clearing the site is the first of the exciting stages. It's the preface to actual construction, like laying the slab or base.

2. Putting Down the Roots

Next, your foundation will be laid. Your team will measure out the design on the site. They will pour footings and construct slab drainage. There's a lot to be done when building your foundation, as moisture has to be kept out from creating future damage.

Special mesh will be needed for termite protection. Consider this the "protective" step in the stages of construction. While it may not be the most entertaining, it is certainly the most effective when keeping your building sturdy and dry.

3. Frame

Next, your internal and external support structure will be installed along with the walls. These will create a space for your electrical and plumbing elements. The roof frame, sheeting, and gutters will be installed during this phase as well.

As your framing is installed, you can get a feel for the spaces you've created inside the home. This is a great time to start envisioning things like interior decor.

4. From the Window to the Wall

Next, your windows will be installed as well as your doors. Your tradesmen will begin fitting your property for cabinets, kitchen appliances, etc.

This is one of the most exciting stages of building because you can finally start to see the aesthetic you designed. From steel frame windows to big sweeping picture windows, you'll see the kind of views you've built into your home.

5. The Fun Stuff

After the windows and walls are finished, cornices, tiling, cabinets, and shelving can now be built into your new home. Lights will be installed as well as other fixtures. You'll see the interior elements of your home come together during this stage.

If you've built in things like an entertainment system or shelving, those will be installed here too.

6. Put a Bow on It

Then, it's time to paint and install all of the last details of your building.

The exterior elements should all be in place. Your shutters and brick will be installed. Your pathways will be cemented or laid in stone.

Once the finishes are complete, you'll be free to move in. When you do move in, remember to wrap your furniture, frames, and mirrors to avoid damaging your new walls.

Design of Your Dreams

When it comes to building a home or place for your business, knowing the stages of construction can help you to stay up to date and informed about the progress of your building.

From permits to loans and zoning drawings, leave the serious stuff to the pros. When you are ready for help in designing the home of your dreams, contact us today for a consultation!


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