Augmented reality can up your real estate view numbers and increase your success with clients. These tips will help you use this powerful tool.

Do you read the instruction manual before you begin to use your new watch? Or do you do a quick YouTube search? If you are like most, visual instructions are often easier to understand.

The advancement in Technology has allowed many industries to harness the power of augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D animation to improve their bottom lines.

For the Real Estate industry augmented reality means increases in Real Estate views. This is especially true in those working in the new construction market.

Want to know more about how to harness augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D animation for your company. Read on.

Augmented Reality Versus Virtual Reality Verses 3D Animation

The use of this type of technology is evolving. So let's take a moment to discuss some terms within the industry.

Defining Terms

According to Forbes:

Augmented reality (AR) “overlays virtual objects on the real-world environment.” Want to better understand how augmented reality works, check out HoloLens.

Virtual reality (VR) “immerses users in a fully artificial digital environment.” Just think about the movie Avatar.

Essentially, AR alters your reality while VR replaces your reality entirely with a simulated environment.

Read more about virtual reality and the Real Estate Industry.

3D animation takes a 3D architectural drawing and converts it into a virtual "walk through". It can include voice-overs which allow the customer to feel like you are right there with them.

Learn more about how 3D animation can improve your preconstruction sales here

How to Use #D and AR/VR to Address Selling Pain Points.

These pain points are often associated with decreases in real estate views and tools like 3D animation and AR/VR addresses them.

  • We live in a time where long descriptions are just not read. 3D animation and AR/VR allows you to provide a lot of content in a short time. 
  • Photo ads still have a place but you are better off with an infographic than a still photo. (Read more about Infographics in Real Estate below)).
  • 3D models on mobile or desktop applications are interactive, and yet lack in full presentation
  • To increase Real Estate Views, you have to eliminate the time-consuming task of Visiting each site along with customers. 

Use InfoGraphics to Explain to Clients How this Powerful New Tool Helps Them

All of these virtual tools help you to share a more powerful project with your clients. But depending on your clientele it may be hard for them to understand or embrace these tools.

Use infographics as the hook to entice your clients to use the 3D animation or AR/VR content you have produced.

Infographics are a visural representation of written content.

The Benefits of 3D Animation, Augment Reality, Virtual Reality for the Real Estate Agent

  1. It allows you to pitch projects or visions with minimal risk.
  2. It provides more time for the Real Estate agent by reducing the number of exploratory showings.
  3. It helps buyers to visualize themselves in the home. This increases customer satisfaction and decreases buyers remorse.
  4. It minimizes costs and creates greater transparency in the industry. This increases customer confidence.
  5. It is a fun and engaging marketing tool.

8 Tips to use 3D Animation, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality to Increase your Real Estate Views

  1. Use Geo-Tagging helps to increase traffic to your site and target new home projects.
  2. Be sure to create all your tours using neutral colors and fixtures. 
  3. However, some augmented reality applications allow customers to adjust certain features within the tour. This allows the buyer to better see themselves in their new home. it is a nice feature to have
  4. Make sure your 3D, AR, and VR tours have embedded contact us and next step buttons. This improves customer communication.
  5. When you are targeting customers looking to build new. 3D, AR/VR provides them with a better visual of the end result. This reduces the number of change orders once the project is underway.
  6. Use 3d, AR, and VR to close the deal. Agents that use AR can provide a clearer vision for the buyer. 
  7. These tools will get you more real-estate views. Views may come from the same people, as they become closer to making a decision on the deal. Views also come from people "just looking" as they begin to plan their new construction project.
  8. This is perfect for the buyer who is relocating and have a difficult time doing in-person site visits.

Real Estate AR Applications in Real Estate

You can create your own 2D/3D models into 3D animation or AR/VR. The difference is the cost and complexity of the application. Some of the feature differences are listed below.

Simple AR app

  • Basic environment
  • Simple object models
  • Basic textures
  • High-quality textures
  • Basic lightning
  • App Store adaptation
  • Google Play adaptation

Advanced AR app

  • Basic environment
  • High-quality models
  • High-quality lightning
  • Sharing options
  • App Store adaptation
  • Google Play adaptation

Enterprise AR app

  • Realistic textures and objects
  • High-quality environment
  • Object animations
  • Interaction and sharing
  • Detailed textures and lighting
  • Database integration
  • App Store adaptation
  • QR code for products
  • Google Play adaptation
  • Custom landing page
  • QR code for products

Even though you can use these apps to create your own Augmented Reality content. There are companies that specialize in doing the technical work for you.

Often this is a better use of time and money. It leaves you more time to sell and will give you a more polished and profession product at the end.

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