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Are you a real estate agent and don't want to be left behind in your marketing campaigns? Here are 7 techy tools every real estate agent should use.

You're growing your business, showing properties, and reaching out to prospects. You know marketing should be part of your business-building strategy, but who has the time?

Digital technology is a fast, efficient, and affordable way to help you manage your business. But the number of available apps and tools can be overwhelming. So we've done the research and narrowed down the list for you.

Here are seven techy tools that we recommend for real estate agents.


You spend a lot of time recording your existing customers' email addresses. You collect long lists of emails from every open house.

You want to email each person individually, but you can't seem to carve out the time. So now what?

MailChimp makes it easy to create stunning email campaigns and reach out to your customers automatically. That means you can spend more time on other parts of your business and less time following up with clients.

Design customized email campaigns to send new clients a welcome message, engage existing customers you haven't connected with in a while, or just wish someone a happy birthday. You can do all this automatically. 

There's also a reporting function that tracks how many people open your email campaigns and which links they clicked.

MailChimp offers free services, or you can pay a monthly fee for more advanced features.  

Google Forms

Customer feedback is critical to your business. But how do you collect people's thoughts and opinions quickly and easily? 

Google Forms is one of Google's many online tools that you can access for free if you have a Google account. It lets you create personalized surveys, then drops the responses into a spreadsheet so you can quickly analyze the results. 

The tool allows different types of answers, like multiple choice, checkbox, dropdown, short answers, and paragraph. So depending on what kind of information you're seeking, you can ask questions like "On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied were you with your agent's service?" or "What can we do to improve?" 

Google Forms also allows you to drop images and YouTube videos into your survey, which is a great way to capture people's attention.  


You're connected to loads of customers via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. But keeping up with one of your social media accounts is difficult enough, let alone all of them. 

Buffer is a helpful techy tool that lets you generate social media content. schedule your posts, and publish content to any or all of your accounts.

So, for example, you can set aside a small amount of time once a week to create tweets, Facebook posts, and so on, then schedule them to be published to your social media platforms at optimal times.

You can post the same message to all accounts or customize each one. Buffer also offers various levels of analytics, depending on which plan you sign up for.


Videos are a helpful marketing tool, but producing a quality video requires a lot of time, money and expertise, which most people don't have. 

Onvedeo automatically generates videos for properties using existing listing data, Google Maps location information and high-quality video of neighborhoods. You can then post the video to your listing page or insert it directly into your property listings. 

By automating the video-creation process, Onvedeo makes it simple to offer your customers immersive, engaging content.

The first video is free, then you pay per video or per month depending on your needs.


You're on the road a lot, either showing homes to clients or driving between offices. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time the quickest route to get you and your clients to where you're going? 

Waze is a techy treat for anyone who spends significant time behind the wheel. It's a community-based app that offers spoken turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates.

Drivers using the Waze app report things that might affect your drive, like when there's police up ahead, an accident, or a car broken down on the side of the road. Waze also provides alternative routes so you can get to your destination as quickly as possible.

You can coordinate arrival times, and if you connect through Facebook, you can see when people are on their way to their destination, making it a great tool to use with clients.

Knowing exactly where to go and how long it will take you to get there is a helpful feature for agents who are on the road constantly. 

And the best news? Waze is free.  


Think print marketing is antiquated or boring? Think again. 

Layar is a mobile augmented reality browser that brings print marketing to life. You upload images of your brochure, postcard, or any other items, then customize it with interactive content like video messages, website links, photo slideshows and more.

Your customers then use the Layar app on their phones to scan the printed piece and access personalized interactive content. It's not only engaging for your customers, it's also loads of fun for them to discover the "hidden" interactive treats in an otherwise static piece.

Layar charges by the page and offers Basic and Pro pricing, but you can try it out for free. 


Scheduling showings with clients or meetings with other agents is another daily chore that you'd love to eliminate. 

Enter Timebridge, a techy tool dream for people who would love to free up the time they spend each day going back-and-forth with people whose calendars are just as packed as yours. 

To schedule a meeting, you simply select a few times that work for you, add attendees, and click send - and your part of the process is complete.

Timebridge then contacts the attendees with branded invitations, determines everyone's availability, finds the best time that works for all attendees, and schedules the meeting. 

You can also share your calendar with everyone, or a select few, and let others schedule meetings directly.  

Timebridge syncs to your Outlook or Google calendars, and guess what? It's free!

Which techy tools are for you?

Whether you try one or all of the techy tools listed here, it's sure to make your life a little easier as a new real estate agent. 

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