6 Ways 3D Virtual Reality Software Makes Construction Sites Safer


3D Virtual Reality Software Helps Construction Safety

It's true - 3D virtual reality software making construction safer for workers. Find out how, and whether this service will work for you here.

Construction site safety is one of the biggest concerns for workers and employers.  There are over 6 million people working on hundreds of thousands of construction sites each day, and the fatal injury rate is higher in the industry than in any others in the country.

Advances in technology are making sites safer.  3D virtual reality software can help make your next project much safer.  

Introducing 3D virtual reality software

3D tech has been viewed as a form of entertainment, but it can do much more than make a video game or movie more exciting. The 3-D rendering of construction environments can help make building sites more efficient and much safer.  

1. Gives surveyors a new look at the project

How many places do you think the average health and safety site surveyor has to visit every day?  It can be difficult to give every site the attention it needs when your work day is full. This is where 3D virtual reality software comes in.  Imagine giving your safety surveyor a tour of your site before they even step foot on it.  That 3D layout can immediately point out any red flags they may have to worry about before inspection.  They'll be able to give your site the attention it needs, and could even give them more information to safely analyze your building project.

2. Look at every nook and cranny

A surveyor will do whatever they can to evaluate the safety of your site. Despite their determination, there are some places they may not be able to get to. Some areas may be completely inaccessible, others may be too small or big to properly look at.  The right 3D rendering of a property can show a surveyor everything they would need to make the site safe.

3. 3D virtual reality software can show points of failure 

Engineers can try to anticipate problems before they occur by walking through the space ahead of time.  Some points of failure are easy to spot, others can be less obvious.  3D virtual reality software can help make points of failure easy to spot.  Certain simulations can help uncover structural problems.  

4. Start off on the same page

Imagine how safe a project would be if everyone could look at it before they start building it.  3D models can help home buyers with layout issues, but they can also help contractors.It's important for engineers and safety inspectors to analyze the construction site, but it's equally important for everyone on the project to get a look at 3D models. No more assuming and guesswork!  Everything will be perfectly laid out ahead of time. 

5. Position equipment the right way

There's nothing worse than having to adjust heavy equipment when you're in the middle of a project. The right 3D model can help you precisely place cranes, bulldozers, and other important tools while under construction.  Most of all major projects now are utilizing these technologies to help with planning and watching their construction schedules in real time!

6. Properly plan 

When you're in the construction business collaboration is key.  Engineers, builders, and everyone need to come together and work to bring their vision to life. When people aren't in sync, mistakes are bound to happen.  3D virtual reality software can give workers a space to plan and work together before they start building.

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