things-buyers-look-for-in-New-Construction-Homes (1).jpgWhen marketing new construction homes it is critical to understand the thought processes of potential buyers. Gain insights into what they are looking for here.

 One of the toughest aspects of being a home seller is understanding what the real estate market wants. If you can figure this out, then your chances of selling your home increase substantially.

But this isn't always clear cut, especially with younger generations taking charge of the market. The older couples are already retired and downsizing, so what pleased them in the past isn't exactly what the millennials are looking for.

If you are building new construction homes or just market them, then this guide will help you identify what attracts today's buyers.

Now, let's see what you should consider adding to your new construction homes.

1. Modern Kitchens and Bathrooms

And by modern, we mean updated. But since we're talking about new construction homes, the kitchen and bathrooms should already be new.

However, the type of materials and features included should be contemporary. For instance, stonecounter tops are a must. You can choose between marble, granite and engineered quartz.

All of these are known for their beauty and luxurious appeal. Plus, they are very easy to maintain and last a very long time. Then there are the water fixtures - you can't go wrong with beautiful stainless steel sink faucets and shower heads.

And let's not forget the shower stall - after all, who takes baths anymore? You should opt for a shower stall that's spacious and has features, like wall seats and double shower heads.

The same goes for the kitchen. Today's home buyers are looking for new construction homes with beautiful stone counters, customized cabinetry, and gorgeous light fixtures. Throw in a kitchen island for added counter top and storage space to sweeten the deal.

2. Large Kitchen with an Open Floor Plan

In the old days, home buyers wanted a large kitchen, but in a separate room. And many of the homes you find today are still built this way. However, the newly constructed houses are veering off into another direction with open floor plan kitchens.

The spaciousness is still there, but now the kitchen overlooks the dining room or even the living area. Why is this important? Because the kitchen and living areas are where homeowners entertain guests. So by combining the two, it makes for a better experience.

In a sense, the kitchen is the new living room, so opening the two up to each other is a smart move. You'll now find floor plans with nothing more than a kitchen island to separate the two spaces.

3. A Home Office

Now, this makes great sense, especially with 43% of Americans working at least some of the time from home. And about 31% of Americans are working from home 80% to 100% of the time.

On that note, a home office seems like a real winner. This area can include a built-in bookcase, shelves, and even a desk.

In some properties, the home office is large as a bedroom, but has two doorways leading to different areas of the home. The open space is inviting, while at the same time offering privacy with doors that close and lock.

The are some designs where the office is within a living space, so it all comes down to the style of office you decide to go with. Research different layouts to see what's the most attractive.

4. A Great Location

You won't find many of today's young families choosing to live in areas that are far from society. So it's important to choose a location that's at least within driving distance of shopping plazas, entertainment venues and eateries.

But what's even better is if your new construction homes are within walking distance. You'll find a lot of millennials on bikes and scooters as well.

And since many are forgoing vehicles, having homes near public transportation is key. This is the complete opposite of folks in the past when suburban areas far from urban life were desirable.

So choosing locations with a live, work and play theme is ideal.

5. Requires Low Maintenance

Today's families are constantly on the go. There's really no time to upkeep a home, although they do want to keep their properties looking great.

So what they're looking for is a home that's easy to maintain. This means materials that are easy to clean. For instance, wood floors trump carpeted floors, since spills won't leave behind stains.

Also, granite and other stone counters are ideal because of their durability and visual appeal.

It seems that today's homeowners are considered disposable. Meaning they prefer to replace things rather than repair them.

In other words, they're going down a path much different than their parents, who spent weekends doing chores, repairs and to-do lists. Freedom is the goal of today's young adults. So any way you can make your home hassle-free, do it.

6. Energy Efficiency

Saving money is very important to today's home buyers. They're savvy shoppers who are always looking for a great deal. One way to cater to their demands is to offer an energy efficient home.

Now, there are various ways you can create a home with this status. For instance, you can install windows and doors designed for energy efficiency. These are sealed tightly, preventing air leakage.

Another area of the home to upgrade is the roof. This should also prevent overheating of the home. There are certain materials that are more efficient than others, such as those that bounce sun rays off the rooftop, so that it keeps the attic and home cooler.

Then if you really want to take things further, you can opt to have solar panels installed on the roof. Designing a home that reduces the owner's power bills is a clever way to attract today's home buyers.

Make Your New Construction Homes Market Ready

Selling houses is very profitable, but only when you have properties buyers actually want. With great ideas and a reputable construction firm, you can create properties the market is willing to purchase.

At DesignBlendz, we offer services that can help you achieve this goal. Our professionals are skilled in designing beautiful homes and constructing them from the ground up.

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