6 Construction Industry Trends Every Marketing Expert Should Know

If you're a savvy marketing expert, then you know how important it is to stay on top of construction industry trends. Continue on to learn how to make the top six trends of the year work to your advantage.


  Did you know that construction sector contributes more than 800 billion to the U.S GDP? It's responsible for the largest and the most expensive projects in the world.

If you're a marketing expert, then you know how important it is to keep up with latest trends in the construction industry.

Understanding construction industry trends and being part of them can help improve your marketing strategies and beat the competition.

Here are six construction trends with the most significant impact in the construction world.

1. The Green Building Trend

It's now official. The construction industry is going green, and it's just getting started.

Builders want to be LEED certified and are adopting strategies and products that can help them manage their carbon footprint. This trend started a few years ago, and experts predict that it will continue to rise.

Why is going green important to those in the construction industry?

The modern-day home buyer is going green and now wants to work with builders that care about the environment.

Green construction projects have faster lease-up rates. They may also qualify for zoning allowances and tax rebates. Besides, builders who build green homes can get a $2000 tax credit for every green home they build.

Homes with LEED certification retain higher property value and sell much faster. They also help homeowners lower their insurance premium by 5%.

The green buildings are increasingly gaining popularity and influencing the construction world. Marketing experts who ignore this trend will find themselves less useful in the future.

2. 3D Visualization

For a construction project to meet architectural standards, it's essential to have an excellent site analysis.

Before the 3D visualization, construction managers were forced to hire a manual workforce to measure and collect on-site data. This was not only expensive but also time-consuming.

The use of 3D visualization helps builders manipulate designs in real time. It helps them try out different concepts, make refinements, and create multiple versions of the design.

When it comes to installing solar panels on buildings or renovating old structures, 3D visualization reduces the cost and the number of hours spent taking measurements.

Most importantly, 3D rendering and architectural visualization have eliminated trial and error in the construction industry.

Experts predict that the next two to five years will see the emergence of more sophisticated visualization solutions that will help make 3D visualization in construction more accurate and cheaper.

Although 3D visualization is a new concept in the construction industry, its impact is evident. It's one of the top construction trends that will help revolutionize the construction sector. A savvy marketing expert like you cannot afford to ignore it.

3. Modular Construction

Modular buildings and houses are gaining momentum in the building sector. There are indicators that this trend will only be more prevalent.

Modular construction is providing builders with a faster way of developing residential areas. Besides, modular homes are more efficient, less expensive, and reduce the risk of accidents.

But that's not all.

Modular homes can also be developed off-site, and this helps reduce the impact to the original landscape. They also allow builders to start working off-site while homeowners secure permits. Amazing, right?

Experts predict that this will be among the top construction trends that will shape the future of the industry. As a marketer, you need to be aware of the issues and topics related to modular buildings and homes to succeed.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

More and more builders are embracing the internet. You would think that they're doing this only to keep up with construction trends, but that's not the case.

Contractors are incorporating the internet into their daily activities with the aim of increasing the productivity of the tools they already have. They're also embracing the internet to enhance collaboration, time tracking, inventory management, and data collection and storage.

When coming up with a list of construction trends to keep an eye on, make sure this trend is top on your list.

4. Sustainability Is Taking Over

Yes, focusing on sustainability is not a new thing in the construction industry. But unlike in the past, today's sustainability topic is more focused on health and well-being.

Contractors are taking sustainability seriously. They are now coming up with buildings that are not only energy efficient but also healthier for the occupants.

If you're marketing a construction business, you need to keep an eye on the ever-evolving conversation around sustainable living.

If you consider this trend when coming up with your marketing plans, you can be sure you'll come up with more relevant and effective marketing strategies.

5. Increased Use of Robotics

In the past, it was difficult for the construction industry to incorporate robotics mainly because construction sites are open environments.

But things are changing.

Robotics for construction is now a reality. Robots are now being used to complete dangerous, repetitive, and labor-intensive construction activities. This is not only helping builders reduce costs but ensure consistency and maintain quality.

Robotics also helps maintain precision and save time, allowing builders more creative flexibility.

A construction company that makes use of robotics is seen as a brand that is focused on quality. More clients are likely to work with your company if they realize you're keen on this trend.

As a marketing manager, it's crucial to utilize the opportunities that robotics offer regarding quality and speed by incorporating this information into your marketing campaigns.

Wrapping up on Construction Industry Trends

Of course, more construction industry trends such as fire safety, building regulations, and virtual reality are also shaping the construction world. However, the ones highlighted above are more significant and likely to affect your marketing operations.

Make sure you keep an eye on them. This will not only make you a better marketer but also ensure you have a more significant impact on the real estate and construction world as a whole.

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