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5 Virtual Home Staging Trends to Try Now

For the most cost-effective way to promote the sale of your home or business, virtual home staging is the way to go. Learn the how to stage your home with the five hottest trends of the year.


     Selling a home or business isn't easy. In fact, it can be downright challenging. The realtor will probably want you to stage it if they don't do it themselves.

Sometimes, the suggestion will be to have it professionally staged. In case you didn't know, home staging isn't cheap. Which leads to the next best thing: virtual staging.

This technique basically allows the potential buyer to see lovely updates to your home online without you actually having to put the time and effort into them. It entices them to book a showing and gives them an idea of what possibilities there are for their new home.

Read on to see the 2018 trends of home staging!

Get Away From Those Neutrals!

The whole point of home staging is to appeal to as many buyers as possible. However, lately, designers, owners, and buyers have all been leaning toward beautiful pops of vibrant colors.

This isn't to say you should have your house rainbow colors for your virtual staging. It just means having a bit of color isn't a bad thing.

What types of color are we talking about? Warmer colors that make a house a home. Something that says, "come on in, can I get you a cold beverage?"

Home Staging: Eco-Friendly

Even if your home isn't completely eco-friendly right now, when you design it for showings online, it can be. Most buyers want to see themselves in environmentally-friendly, yet stylish houses.

This can be accomplished by adding some greenery, and natural fiber furniture. Decorating virtually with reclaimed wood also gives an earthy feel.

Rose Gold... Any Gold

The 2019 trends seem to be pointing toward rose gold and copper accents and appliances. It's not recommended to give your house all rose gold kitchen appliances, but maybe throw in knobs, or displayed cookware.

Not only is rose gold becoming popular, but metallics are still killing it on the design scene. Anything shiny can work, just be careful not to overdo it.

Furniture Picks

2019 will be a year of curves and relaxed lines. Think: a sofa sectional that has a rounded end instead of square. This is quite the modern design, and can easily allow a buyer to see what they'd want as far as furnishing.

People are also wanting to see furniture that looks well-made and well-designed. Again, more modern and less heirloom or antiques.

Wallpaper is Making a Comeback

As odd as it is, wallpaper and wall coverings are making a comeback. This is going to be one of those features on a virtual design that you will be thankful not to have to actually go through with.

The buyers will be thankful too if they're not crazy about it because they don't have to redo the project, only pick what they want.

Once again, modern is the name of the game. Geometric patterns and shapes will make a room stand out and really be eye-catching.

Wrapping Up

Generally speaking, the home staging trends are leaning toward modern and earthy, with a touch of glam. If your home is a few years older, this technique gives you the benefit of not having to update for an unknown buyer.

The buyer sees the possibilities of the home, books a showing, and can decide from there whether to buy. It takes a lot of effort out of updating and staging in an already busy time.

If you're not selling your home but like these designs and want more pointers, info about the prices, or help with the ideas, contact us.


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