design-detailsJust because a home is perfectly staged, doesn't mean buyers don't notice unfinished design details.  Learn how to avoid these disasters with our helpful guide.

Selling a home isn't exactly a cake walk. There are a ton of things to keep in mind during the entire process.

For example, have you considered your demographic? If you think it's a couple who's looking to settle down, you'd be surprised. The average first-time home buyer is usually a millennial (who makes pretty decent money)!

Maybe you've taken bigger steps like considered putting in a pool to add value to your property. That's a pretty big investment!

Do you think your home is perfectly put together but you're not getting the results you want? Consider these five design details that home buyers always notice and see if you're missing any of them!

1) Faking It

This one is an easy crime to commit. Are you guilty of being too perfect?

Around 90% of interested home buyers use the internet at some point in the home buying process. Because of that, we're tempted to make our houses look picture-perfect online.

Imagine driving up to see your dream home and it doesn't live up to the hype! While it's important to make your home look great, don't overdo it. Home buyers can spot a fake a mile away.

2) Don't Ignore Your Closets...

When guests come over, it's tempting to throw everything into a closet and ignore it. If you're selling a house, your guests are going to want to open them up and look inside!

Make sure your closets are clean and organized to give potential home buyers an idea of what storage space you have to offer. Don't neglect these important design details!

3) ...Or Your Garage!

Your garage is another place you probably throw things into and don't organize as nicely as you'd like. If your garage isn't in great shape, your home might not sell.

Here's an easy trick: find an overflow site or temporary storage to house your junk for the time being. You might find after the sale that you didn't need all that stuff anyways - bonus!

4) Look At Your Laundry Room

Here's another room that needs your attention that you probably keep in disarray. If you get your laundry room in order, though, it might be your best feature!

Make yours bright and clean. Consider running a load of laundry so it smells nice and soapy inside. These are the kinds of design details that make your home stand out from the rest!

5) The Entrance

We'll end with the beginning of your home. Usually, the entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your home. We all know how important first impressions are!

Make your entrance feel cozy so that your potential buyers will feel right at home!

Keep These Design Details In Mind To Sell Your Home

It's the little things that make the biggest difference. With these design details and tips, you're sure to help your house stand out from the rest.

Selling your house is just part of your journey. Do you have a dream you're dying to design?

Contact us today and we will help make your real estate vision a reality!

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