It's always best to ask all of your architectural design questions up-front. Here are 5 questions you'll want to know the answers to before hiring.

Are you considering hiring local architects to help you complete a project?

If so, you need to ensure you ask the right questions to get to know their aesthetic, experience, and much more.

But what are those right questions?

Read on to find out -- and to ensure you find the perfect architects to execute your vision.

1. "How Do You Plan to Stay Within My Budget?"

Architecture projects are notorious for going over the budget.

Therefore, the very first question you should ask an architect you're considering working with?

How they plan to keep to your budget.

Ask them for a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the project. Make sure you know the costs of labor, products, design services, and more. This will help you in comparing firms, and will also help you decide where, if needed, you can make cuts.

2. "Can I Speak To Your Past Clients?"

Once the budget is settled, it's time to talk to an architect's references.

While the reviews online may be glowing, and the architect may have a great pitch package, you need to speak to past clients before you make a final decision.

That way, you'll know you're getting the truth about working with them -- not just the experiences they want you to see.

If an architect can't provide you with past references, it's time to walk away.

3. "Can I See Your Portfolio?"

In addition to speaking with past clients, you also need to see the portfolio of the firms you're considering working with.

First of all, this will help you to evaluate whether their design aesthetic matches your own.

Additionally, you'll also be able to tell whether or not their skills are up to snuff, and if they have experience working on a project of your scale and size.

4. "Is What I'm Envisioning Possible?"

Everywhere we look, we can see the bad results of false promises -- from haircuts to architecture projects.

If an architect is telling you what you want to hear, knowing full well that the project and design styles you want are structurally impossible or just won't work with the regulations, that's not a good sign.

These false promises will end up killing your budget and potentially setting you back by years.

Ask your architect how realistic your proposed vision is, and what changes you'll likely need to make to your design and overall vision.

5. "What Are The Challenges We'll Face?"

No matter how much planning goes into an architecture project, sooner or later, you'll hit a roadblock.

It's important to know upfront what these potential challengers are, and how your architect is planning to handle them.

You'll also need to know the costs and delays associated with tackling these challenges, so you can cushion your budget if need be.

Ask Local Architects These Questions Before Hiring

Now that you know the important questions to ask local architects, you're ready to start gathering a list of potential firms you want to work with on your next project.

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