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Good real estate marketing begins before a property is even completed. Read this article to get 5 pre-construction real estate marketing tips.


Thanks to social media platforms and selfies, the saying "a picture is worth a 1000 words" is being tossed around like confetti these days. But I bet you don't hear "a picture is worth $1000" nearly as often.

But it can be if you go about your pre-construction real estate marketing right.

With so much competition in the industry today, it is important to start your real estate marketing as soon as possible in order to gain an edge up on your competitors. 

One sure fire way of doing this is to start marketing before your project is completed. Here are five tips on pre-construction real estate marketing.

3D Renderings

Remember that whole "a picture is worth a $1000" thing?

3D renderings are why that is possible. 

You no longer need the construction to be complete to begin your real estate marketing. 3D renderings bring the floorplan to life and help potential clients visualize exactly what they can expect from the completed space.

But why can't we just stick with the tried and true floor plan? 

There are a few reasons 3D renderings are taking over the world of real estate marketing. 

The first is that people tend to struggle with understanding a 2D floor plan or visualizing sizes and distances between different features. 3D renderings cater more to how we typically see these spaces and therefore take less effort to understand. 

This is a huge advantage to keeping a potential client's attention.

Second, these 3D renderings are becoming expected. Thanks to the prevalence of these visual aids in HGTV shows like "Property Brothers" and "Flip this House," consumers are looking at floor plans in a new way.

3D Animation

Take your 3D renderings one step further and let your project shine with a unique 3D animation.

This is a great way to catch attention and can be used for your real estate marketing in several creative and interactive ways.

Shine Online 

Okay, so you have your 3D renderings! Now what?

Well, now you need to put them somewhere your potential clients can find them. The best place to start is your company website.

Be sure that you have appropriate captions accompanying these renderings and that your contact information is easy to find.

The other thing to keep in mind is SEO for your website. Search Engine Optimization is becoming increasingly more important for all marketing efforts. Real estate marketing is no exception because this is how customers are going to find you among all your competitors. 

Post, Tweet, and Snap Away

This goes hand in hand with your website. Social media users are up to 64% more likely to buy from brands they follow, so it is important that you have an active social media presence across platforms.

You should be active on social media before construction is complete.

Your 3D renderings should be your favorite thing in your toolbox. That is because visual content in 40 times more likely to get shared.

Network your way through real estate marketing

Online and off, networking is extremely important to successful real estate marketing. 

By starting your networking efforts early, you ensure that you have a waiting base of realtors and potential customers at the ready.

You can connect with local realtors by being a part of their weekly meetings, keeping them updated on your progress, and hosting frequent lunch meetings to view your model homes or latest 3D renderings.

The sooner you start your pre-construction real estate marketing, the better, so let us help you get going!


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