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Are you in commercial real estate and want to come up with an effective marketing campaign? Here are the necessities for your most effective plan.

The real estate market is off the charts. 2016 was the best year in a decade with over 5.5 million transactions.

In order to survive and prosper in a competitive market real estate professionals need the most effective marketing strategies. With new technology, a new generation of customers, and evolving buying habits you need to stay on top of the competition.  

We can help. We've put together 5 necessities for your most effective marketing campaign this year. 

Let's make it your best one yet. Here goes: 

1. Become An Expert 

Becoming an expert in your practice used to mean tireless networking events and paid promotions. Today you can increase visibility by becoming an expert on digital media. 

Did you know that investing in content for your website could boost your inbound traffic by 3000 percent in a single year? Choosing pertinent topics for you and your colleagues to focus on and presenting this information to the community will pay big dividends. 

Content creation is one of the most effective ways to market you and your practice. Leverage that to other sites like LinkedIn and social media and you will be a trusted resource for buyers and the industry alike. 

Being a trusted resource means more referrals. 

2. Build Referrals

One of the many reasons becoming an expert will help you is that it will build referrals. The more time you and your firm spends on public outreach through content and networking, the more trusted you will become in your industry niche as well as your community. 

Referrals are by no means a new trend in real estate. We know they are the foundation for any successful practice. But combining the new abilities of social media with your referral strategy will grow things exponentially.

Over 90 percent of consumers prefer word of mouth to build trust for new goods and services. As a growing expert in your field, on the cutting edge of technology, you can bring in even more recognition. 

You can also leverage social media for referrals and sales. Word of mouth buzz is seeded in social media for today's consumers. 

3. Use Social Media More Effectively

If you are a real estate professional with a social media strategy it needs to change every year, or even every quarter. There is no better vehicle to accelerate sales and get you more listings. 

Want to become an expert and build your referral base? Social media may be the answer.

The Importance of Social Media in Real Estate

Instagram now has 700 million users. Facebook is the number one visited website in the world, more popular than Google. 

Over $17 billion was spent on digital ads last year, a 20 percent increase over the year before. And the reason is simple:

You can target customers effectively and track return on investment. Unlike traditional marketing efforts, you can be pinpoint accurate on a Facebook ad campaign.

And as we all know, you can do much to boost your sales for free on social media as well. Using a balance between paid, targeted ads and consistent content on social media is a must. 

4. Get Visual

You know you need to be more involved in social media. And you know that strategy needs to evolve. 

In addition to social media, social messaging is another technology to work with. Social messaging apps are actually bigger than social media networks.

All of this means you need the most effective means to get in touch with your clients. Images and photos that are of the highest quality, with the best technology, will help you stand out. 

Your social media, social messaging, and all communications require the best visuals. 

Drone photography creates stunning images. You can also create virtual images to adapt to the tastes of each client.

5. Get Virtual

Visuals have evolved so fast in real estate that you don't just need to have a great photographer anymore. The most effective real estate professionals have a digital marketing team.Buyers aren't just using marketing platforms like social media differently. Technology has changed how buyers want to see properties as well.

Buyers aren't just using marketing platforms like social media differently. Technology has changed how buyers want to see properties as well.

With digital marketing, you can have the full benefits of staging without costly furniture purchases or storage fees. In addition, you can allow your clients to visit properties from the comfort of their home. 

Virtual Technology has Changed Real Estate

You can boost pre-construction sales, change interior designs for the benefit of your potential clients, and cut down on wasteful showings. 

There is nothing worse than showing a potential buyer property after property that they aren't interested in. With virtual walkthroughs and renderings, they can hone their interests to a few properties. 

Coupled with drone photography and digital design and they can see the entire neighborhood too!

You are fulfilling the buying wishes of your clients and also cutting down on your time to sale. You can invest that additional time in your marketing strategy. 

Integrated Live Video, Social Media, and Social Messaging 

Once you recognize the benefits of cutting edge images, virtual technology, and the power of social media in building you and your practice, the variations are key. 

For instance, live video is one of the fastest growing digital trends. Platforms like Twitter, Snap, Facebook and YouTube have all invested heavily in the technology. 

And users love the access. Live video and live streaming have been called the future of social media.

Whet your client's appetite by integrating this digital content and cutting edge technology in your live streams and you will be building referrals and boosting your standing in the industry.

Get Professional Help To Be Most Effective

With changes in the digital marketplace evolving every year for real estate professionals, it's important to get the most effective help to grow your business. 

Designblendz can help. 

When you have an idea, we at Designblendz are here to craft a plan and build out a solution.

Our real estate marketing services include rendered floor plans, 3D printing, website development, and drone photography. We work with you to create real estate marketing strategies with a high return.  

Contact Designblendz now and we will work with you to implement the best marketing strategies for your real estate practice. 

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