Being a real estate developer in the city of Philadelphia is no easy task. With constant changes to taxes laws, construction pricing inflation, new building codes, and endless non digital paperwork filing at Licenses and Inspections, it takes the right set of tools to help keep you stay productive.

Below I have compiled my favorite list of must have tools to keep near you at all times. I can personally say that I have used these products or someone on my team has used these tools during our architectural real estate development endeavors in the city of Philadelphia.

1. Ruipu Portable Charger

Portable Phone Charger

Have you ever had to sit down at the city to wait to talk to someone or drop off a set of architectural permit drawings?  We have, and we know that it can be very time consuming.  During this time you might not be able to sit still if your wireless device has a remaining battery charge of 3%. There usually is a week where I have no time to charge my iPhone during the day and I need that little bit of extra juice to get me through. Thank you Ruipu for allowing us all the added flexibility and phone battery while we are dropping off our permit drawings at Licenses and Inspections in the city of Philadelphia.

2.  Zippered Padfolio

Zippered PadFoliio for keeping documents secure

The keyword here is zippered for sure.  It might just be that I have an old school way of doing business in real estate or that I have a brain that needs to see everything physically.  But this just seems to work for me.  Designblendz has 4 unique departments, and this binder with a notepad keeps me very organized.  I also typically keep a pen and highlighter too for when I accomplish an item or task.  I also make sure to date each page on the notepad.  I typically fill up a notepad per month, then I file them and break them back out if needed.  If you don't have a zippered Padfolio, then I suggest you pick one up!

3. Trace Paper

Tracing Paper for your padfolio.

If you constantly have drawings around you, picking up a tracing pad isn't a bad idea.  Especially since you can keep it in your Padfolio!  You can scan it in quickly to your architect, structural engineer, or other design professional for changes.  Also, sometimes you don't want to mess up your current drawings with black or red marker.  Having some trace paper at your disposal will allow you to be more productive when not near a computer or being near your design team in order to communicate an effective idea to progress your project.

4. Laser Distance Measurer

Laser Measurement Tool up to 165 feet.

For when you are visiting job sites or scoping out a new property to buy, this tool is a must.  With measuring distance up to 165 feet, you can be sure that this will handle any row home in the city of Philadelphia.  All of our architects on staff as well as our construction team have these in our survey bag in in our construction vehicles at all times.  A tape measure is good, but this just gets the job done quicker.    

5. E-Bag (My personal favorite item)

This is my favorite book bag in the world!

I have had many bookbags throughout my life.  From grade school, to highschool, and even college.  But this one tops it all.  I found a bag that I can take with me anywhere.  I take this bag to my office, weekend trips with the girlfriend, or to a construction site in the middle of the day.  It is very organized and has spaces throughout it for everything.  I keep my charges in the bottom pouch, business cards, iphone, wallet in the upper part.  It allows for a laptop space as well as iPad and of course a spot for my PadFolio!.  I also keep my bose headphones as well as other random documents.  You can load it with enough clothes for the weekend too!  Trust me, I thought this bag wasn't fashionable enough when I first got it, but I could give a shit with how productive and organized it keeps me through the week.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I'm going to continue to share different hacks, tips, and tricks associated with architecture, real estate marketing, construction, and development.  If you found this article helpful, please share it with a friend!  Thank you!


About The Author

Brian is the CEO at Designblendz and started the company with a group of friends while attending college nearly 10 years ago. He is passionate about helping others achieve their business goals, including but not limited too, helping others with developing multi-family buildings, mentoring young entrepreneurs getting started in businesss, or speaking in front of audiences to share the latest virtual technology in real estate industry. Brian's holds weekly meetings with staff members to educate them on running a business.