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5 Major Benefits of Drones for Construction Projects

If you're considering using a drone for your next construction project, there are several important advantages you need to know about. Continue on to learn five major benefits of drones for construction projects.


  A 2016 McKinsey report stated that drones are going to rapidly improve the speed at which construction projects are completed in the future. In truth, drones are already making huge strides in contributing to construction projects and speeding up their completion rates.

You may be thinking that this type of investment doesn't seem worth it, but drones are only getting cheaper and are becoming standard in the construction world. And, from the benefits they bring to construction, from day one until the day a property is sold, a drone may just be your next best employee hire.

Read on to find out 5 benefits of drones and why they'll make a great part of your construction team.

1. Marketing and Sale of a Property

The best place to start with drone benefits is the end of the projects when a finished construction in finally sold. This is the area where drones have been used the most in recent years, and where drones are easiest to use. If not for anything else, use your drones to help your market and sell a property.

Drones are amazing marketing tools because of their ability to capture HD photo and video from literally any angle. While a photographer is a great hire, no photographer can capture the roof of a house or produce a 360 video like a drone can. Drones can truly give potential buyers a feel of the entire home.

Some real estate photographers are now offering drones as part of their package deal with home photography. But, why not purchase a drone and take the pictures yourself?

With one payment, you will eventually be saving money while also giving your potential customers angles that will truly show off your work for them.

2. Team Management

Professional sports teams love using the skycam to analyze their players' movements and the communication and execution of a play. But, teamwork is needed in all fields, including construction. And, drones can be a great way to analyze the way your team is working and how best to manage them.

Roofing contractors, for example, can use drones to analyze any mistakes that their crew is making or ways to improve the processes from ways that could never be identified from the ground.

General contractors can see the movement of supplies as well as ways to become more efficient.

For everyone, team dynamics can always be analyzed and improved. Using a drone to truly create a 360 view of your team's processes and seeing if there are steps to be taken to improve them can help you cut your construction time and costs significantly.

3. Project Assessment

As you probably already know by now, the best construction projects can plan for every step before the project even begins. Sometimes, there can be challenges with this approach, especially with a construction project for something like a skyscraper or a home trying to maximize the view.

Drones, though, are interesting because they can give new perspectives to contractors when dealing with a larger building that is hard to visualize. For example, drones can give a perspective of where the best place may be to install a window from the 6th floor.

With the additional knowledge that drones give from every step, they will allow for better planning and a better idea of challenges that construction crews may face when dealing with vertical growth. While they can't predict everything, new perspectives can always be appreciated when it comes to planning a large-scale construction project.

4. Assistance With Due Diligence

When undertaking a construction project, it is important to go through each step and ensure that no problems appear and everything is going to plan. With increased pressure to save money and do everything quickly, it's not uncommon for builders to put themselves at risk when trying to clear or analyze a problem.

But, what if there were ways to not put workers at risk?

What if workers could get a look at problems and find out strategies to fix them without approaching the issues? Drones can approach any problematic situation, from faulty structure to possible chemical or other leaks that may cause health issues.

By not risking a human life when evaluating these issues, drones ensure that no one is risked to take care of a problem that does not need to be fixed. In the end, drones may even be saving lives.

On top of that, having a good analysis of a problem through pictures and videos can allow workers to devise a strategy to correct it without any risks or mistakes.

5. Aerial Infrared Scanning

Looking to the future, drones will have many more capabilities than they do now. Whereas today, drones are mainly used for taking pictures and videos, in the near future they may be used to scan construction sites. Aerial infrared scanning is a technology that everyone will want to use very soon.

This aerial scanning may seem unrealistic, but it is the future of construction. By analyzing every point of the building from the outside, contractors can identify structure issues, analyze architectural mistakes, and can even give potential buyers a more holistic view of the property as a whole.

All that will be needed for these scans is a drone equipped with an infrared scanner. While homes may be able to use people to do these scans, drones can be used to scan entire skyscrapers or large constructions.

These scans will provide a great perspective to crews and buyers alike, and drones will deliver these scans efficiently.

Are You Ready to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Drones in Construction?

If you aren't already using a drone as a key part of your construction crew, you're behind the curve.

The benefits of drones can help with every stage of the construction process, from planning, to building, to even the sale of a property. The future is here, and it comes in the form of a remote-controlled flying machine.

If you need help with any design ideas for your next big construction project, be sure to contact us.


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