5-digital-real-estate-stratagies-for-success.jpgDigital marketing is important for every industry, including real estate. Read our article to learn five digital real estate strategies for success.

Every real estate professional knows how competitive the market can be. Even when prices are soaring there is a rush to get more listings, close faster, and get the highest possible price for any given property. 

You are expected to be a marketing genius, stellar salesperson, and trusted investment advisor at the same time. 

And with all the changes in digital real estate trends, it's sometimes difficult to keep up. Don't worry, we can help.

In terms of digital tools, there are so many out there it isn't easy to know which is worth spending your time on. 

We've put together 5 strategies for success you need to use to get your sales to the next level. 

Let's boost those sales together: 

1. Use Social Media 

Don't tell us you've let your social media accounts get stale. In terms of digital real estate tools, social media is a must. 

In terms of the digital ad industry, Facebook and Google have taken over. But leveraging social media as an inexpensive tool is essential for real estate professionals.

Real estate sales are all about building and maintaining relationships. Build your network online and your referrals and sales will skyrocket.

Ignore social media and you are giving your competition a major advantage.   

Not sure what to populate those social media sites with? How about some of the most unique and stunning photography you can offer?  

2. Drone Photography for Digital Real Estate 

The Federal Aviation Administration expects there to be 2.5 million drone sales to commercial entities in 2017. Drones offer a variety of industrial uses for virtually every market.

And they are a proven tool for enhancing real estate listings. Using digital tools to show your prospective buyers their property closes sales.  

You can also use digital tools for one of the most successful real estate marketing strategies: Staging.  

3. Virtual Staging Sells 

Real estate professionals know the many benefits of staging. Creating an appealing environment for a buyer with carefully selected furniture, artwork, and decorations will increase the purchase price.

Staging shortens listing times as well. Unfortunately, it's often expensive to outfit a home.   

With virtual staging, you can use digital tools for the same benefits at the fraction of the costs.   

Digital tools also allow clients to take a tour from the comfort of their own home.

4. Give Virtual Tours

Virtual tours save real estate professionals time and money. They are useful for marketing high-end properties to clients out of town. Using great digital tools also means creating virtual tours before there is a property to show. 

And for local clients, you won't have to waste time showing properties they aren't interested in. Virtual tours show you are a tech savvy professional at the forefront of digital tools.

Using great digital tools also means creating virtual tours before there is a property to show. 

5. Focus on Pre-Construction Marketing 

Real estate meets the cutting edge with pre-construction marketing. Using virtual renderings and 3D animations, real estate professionals can market effectively before they even break ground on their next project. 

Is there a better tool for selling pre-construction projects? You'll have every development sold out before the foundations are poured. 

Get the Digital Edge 

Are you a realtor, developer, or construction company looking to get the competitive advantage digital strategies can bring to the marketplace?

Designblendz can help you market your real estate project digitally. 

From virtual renderings to 3D animation, our team can help you successfully market your pre-construction project. We can help you before construction even begins.   

Digital real estate is a growing strategy with proven results. Don't let your project get left behind. 

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