Construction tech grows more impressive with each year. Here are 3 of our favorite, most groundbreaking innovations thus far.

Have you thought the ever-evolving technology field couldn't expand into even more industries?

Well, wait until you see how tech is disrupting the construction industry! Advances in technology are helping construction businesses grow in efficiency, safety, and communication.

Keep reading to learn more about 3 favorite innovative pieces of construction tech that you need to see in action!

1. Aerial Drones

Many industries are finding useful purposes for unmanned aerial vehicles. For example, drone photography has become popular in various real estate industries.

In 2016, the FAA enacted Part 107, a set of regulations on the commercial use of drones. Construction professionals are now getting licensed to use drones on job sites.

Drones can complete various construction-related tasks. In pre-construction phases, for instance, drones can survey a site and take detailed photos for planning. Drones can also take progress photos, landscape mapping, and 3D modeling.

Furthermore, drones enhance the safety of construction workers. During inspections, drones can access parts of a construction project that would otherwise be impossible to reach, and take pictures or videos which constructors can use to pick out potential hazards.

2. 3D Printing

When 3D printers first entered the marketplace, many saw them as an expensive novelty.

3D printing is one part of the growing set of construction tech tools. It is enabling the use of cheaper materials and increasing production efficiency. We're even starting to see complete structures created by 3D printing alone.

For example, a team at the University of Nantes in France has a plan to create 3D printed emergency shelters. These basic structures will provide aid to survivors in the wake of disaster conditions. Imagine flood and earthquake victims having access to quick shelter!

3. Smart, Energy Saving Buildings - A Pinnacle of Construction Tech

Consider boiling construction down to the simplest definition. The focus of the construction industry is coming together to actually building buildings.

Let's consider how technology is affecting the industry's biggest deliverable.

Businesses are now focused on creating environmentally friendly buildings using safer materials. These building designs allow for optimal space. They also focus on reducing carbon footprints and lowering energy costs.

Additionally, smart technology is now used to connect building operations. These operations include lighting, ventilation, HVAC units, security, and more.

These buildings are becoming more common and even more integrated. The industry will then have even more data to improve building design and function.

Construction Tech Is Making Work Easier

Technology is creating new opportunities in the construction industry. These examples of amazing construction tech are just the tip of the iceberg.

Construction tech will only continue to shape the way buildings are constructed. It will also affect how construction teams share information and get the work done.

Have you noticed other advances in construction technology? Which piece of technology has blown you away? Are you working with a company that is on the cutting edge? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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