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3D Technology Hacks You Can Use on Your Realtor Website

How 3D Technology Helps Your Visual Presentation

Knowing some quick and easy 3d technology hacks should be one of the key priorities for running your virtual tours on your business website.


       Every realtor wants their website to stand out from the crowd. Naturally, you'll want to create a good impression on potential clients and demonstrate your excellent customer service, engage with potential customers, and be super informative.

This may sound like a tall order. However, with the help of 3D technology, you're bound to step up your web design game.

A whopping 370,300 households move annually in the UK alone, let alone the United States. Naturally, you don't want to miss out on this massive market, so you need to be prepared to wow your prospects!

With that in mind, let's dive in!

3D Custom Floor Plans

You may already know this, but recent technology now allows us to publish 3D floor plans and virtual tours online.

Rest assured, you can have either of these designed, so they meet the exact property specifications of the place you're trying to sell.

Usually, all you have to do is send off the information to the company producing the 3D design (along with a few snaps of the property), and they'll do the rest.

You'll be surprised at how accurate these models are when it comes to highlighting the exact floor design of the place, the appliances, the worktops, the furniture, the cabinets, etc.

In addition to this, you could request to have a community sitemap added to your 3D floor plan; this allows the prospect to get a bird's eye view of the property.

In our experience, this feature is perfect for selling new developments, luxury apartments, and multi-building properties.

Plus, experts say that community sitemaps increase the length of time visitors spend on your website, which is great for SEO!

3D Technology: Walking Tours

A 3D walking tour varies slightly from a 3D floor plan because a tour allows potential clients to click on the floor plan ad 'walk' around the house,

Typically, these are HTML 5 coded. So, they're not videos, so potential customers should be able to access the tour no matter what device they're using.

By implementing these 3D designs, potential buyers can get an idea of the place without having to come and visit the property.

Having said that, this leads us to a real-life case study; you'll be shocked at how these 3D designs impacted this guy's buying decision.

A Real Life Case Study

Meet Ravi Sundar, he's a 45-year old first-time buyer, and all it took was half an hour and a laptop for him to buy his dream apartment.

He's recently purchased a three-bedroom place in a Chennai suburb. Sundar enjoyed having access to a virtual tour because it meant he didn't have to endure a long and hot drive to a construction site.

It was an easy yet reliable way of viewing the property.

What Are the Other Benefits for Realtors?

Change, especially when it comes to technology can be daunting, especially to begin with. However, when you look at the bigger picture, you start to see the broader benefits of utilizing 3D design.

As we've already discovered, clients love being able to explore the property in the comfort of their home and in their own time. Working professionals hate taking time away from their jobs to do site viewings.

So, by giving them this option, you're automatically building a rapport with them. Plus, you're giving them the courtesy of allowing them to form an opinion for themselves.

Gone are the days of sleazy sales tactics, because you don't need to apply the pressure. Therefore, the prospect feels more comfortable buying from you, hence, increasing the likelihood of the sale.

This means you're spending less time on-site visits and more time developing other things in your business. Perhaps a new marketing strategy, or researching a potential lead, or attending a local networking event, etc.

You get the idea!

With more time on your side, you have the opportunity to generate more money it's as simple as that.

Properties in the Beginning Phase of Construction

As we've already said, a 3D design is perfect if you're trying to sell property that isn't even fully built yet.

We're living in a digital age, so if you're trying to sell a property like this, you're expected to show the client the end product (in some form or another).

Without a 3D design, it's really hard for prospects to imagine what the property will eventually look like. Therefore, making it tough to secure the sale.

However, if you can digitally render the building, you allow the prospect to see precisiely what they're getting into. They can see for themselves the dynamic of the property; everything from the size to the shape, to the interior design!

Has This Blog Post Got Your Curious About 3D Design?

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