arch_plan3 Sustainable Building Design Trends of 2018

Going green is the wave of the future, so don't get left behind. We explore the top three sustainable building design trends to keep you ahead of the game. Click here for more information.


  If you think going green is just a passing trend, think again. New green building technologies are constantly emerging making the competition between architecture firms to design buildings for the future very intense.

We live in a world where companies and households alike, are realizing the importance of eco-friendly, green buildings. Reports show that in 2018, more than 60% of firms' projects will incorporate a sustainable building design.

More and more clients are demanding eco-friendly designs. Land your next bid by incorporating the most popular sustainable building designs of 2018.

Before we dive into the top three designs, let's first understand why this trend is growing in importance.

The What and Why Behind Green Building Designs

The myth many people believe about eco-buildings is that they are simply more energy efficient than other buildings. It's much more than that. The preservation of the environment around the site is equally as important to the materials and practices involved in the building itself.

The benefits of using a sustainable building design are endless. These designs avoid degrading the environment around the site while utilizing renewable resources, in turn, decreasing pollution.

With fossil fuels increasing in cost and damaging our environment, it's no wonder people are turning to green technology. Renewable resources such as wind, solar, and water power are on the rise.

Best of all, these eco-friendly design options not only save our world but our checkbook too. Read on to discover the hottest trends in green building technology.

Sustainable Building Design

Surpass your competition by incorporating any of these three green designs in your next project and land you're next client.

1. Renewable Materials

It's no secret that many companies are turning to solar power as their primary energy source. Solar panel technology no longer requires an entire football field of panels.

The new solar cell designs are easily printed onto any material making it an easy and economical option for your next building design.

2. Water Conservation

State water managers from a whopping 40 out of 50 states expect that they will experience water shortages in the next decade. In the last eight years, the price of water has grown exponentially. This worries many home and business owners about future costs in the years to come.

Architects are using new water conservation methods in initial building designs to effectively reduce water consumption. The easiest way to do this is to install water-conserving fixtures and rainwater recovery systems.

3. Smart Technology

Automated technology that monitors your energy use is one of the smartest things you can incorporate into your next design. By identifying where you are spending your energy, you can reduce it by using the suggestions above.

Smart technology, like motion-sensing lighting, is a great way to save on energy costs. Save the world one building at a time by incorporating these three green technologies in your next design.

What Green Technology Trends Will You Embrace?

As the country continues to embrace the go-green trend, it is necessary to provide your client with a sustainable building design. Stay ahead of the curve and improve the energy efficiency of your next project design by contacting us at Design Blendz.


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