fireplace design ideas-1 Fireplaces are not just for the wealthy. Nowadays, there are hundreds of fireplace design ideas that fit into any budget. Here are our favorite picks.

     A study by the National Association of Realtors in 2007 showed that having a fireplace in the home could increase the value up to $12,000 in some markets.

Considering that installing a fireplace usually costs less than half that amount, it's a perfect design element to add to a home.

But with so many options and styles, how do you choose a fireplace for a home?

Read on for 10 stunning fireplace design ideas (and their characteristics) that will help you decide how to elevate the style of the home.

1. Built-In

A built-in fireplace is the perfect design element in every modern and minimalist home.

Most built-ins aren't flush with the floor and are elevated a few feet from the ground. The surrounding material can be something of the client or homeowner's choice.

A few benefits of a built-in fireplace include the following:

  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • They don't require a vent
  • A built-in can be surrounded by custom cabinets or a wall-mounted TV for a perfect focal point

2. Marble

For the most luxurious homes and clients, a marble framed fireplace is the clear choice for a fireplace. This is often paired with dark paint colors or floors to bring out the dark veins in the stone. These high contrast combinations create the look of opulence.

But don't be fooled! While you might assume that only the rich and famous can afford this type of fireplace surround, marble is available in a wide range of cost options as well as colors.

3. Wood Mantle

One of the most traditional home fireplace design ideas is the wood mantle surround. Not only because it adds a stunning architectural element to the home, but also because there are so many variations available to make it truly custom.

Some clients, particularly those who want to integrate a classical look within the home, will prefer the look of stained wood. Recent trends also show an increase in demand for natural woods, especially in homes with a more coastal design story.

A more modern take on the wood mantle is to have it painted the same color as the wall surrounding and above it. This makes the whole fireplace seem bigger and more native within the home.

4. One of the Most Eclectic Fireplace Design Ideas: Tiled

Tile is such a phenomenal option for a fireplace because it has a wide range of cost to suit both the budget-friendly and the elaborate.

Tiles also vary in color and shape. For your more eclectic and daring clients, a colorful, vibrant tile can create a showstopping focal point in the room. Patterned tiles become a work of art when installed around the fireplace.

For those who prefer a more muted look, a neutral tile is a perfect choice.

5. Exposed Brick

What about the client who appreciates classic design elements? Look no further than the brick fireplace. Nothing says cozy and traditional than a room with a beautiful brick fireplace and hearth.

We've seen brick surfaces reappear in industrial style homes as well. Often paired with steel or other metal accessories, the brick fireplace can be a perfect design option for those seeking a more urban look.

6. Painted Brick

We see painted brick fireplaces in a variety of homes. But in current trends, we find them in homes with farmhouse design elements.

White is the most requested color. But painted fireplaces lend themselves to personalization. Work with your clients to see what paint color would fit best with their preferences and style.

Need some inspiration? Check out these painted brick fireplace design ideas.

7. Stone

Three words: Rustic, Natural, Beautiful.

While stone fireplaces are a feature we often associate with a cabin, lakehouse, or holiday home, for the client who wants to bring the outside in, a stone fireplace can be the finishing touch in their everyday space.

Stone is another versatile option because of the wide range in cost and appearance. Smaller stacked stones are a modern take on this rustic design.

And for the more traditional, a large river stone can be a perfect choice. It's a natural material it can be seamlessly paired with earth tones and warmer neutrals.

For a dramatic focal point, continue the stonework up the wall to accentuate a high or vaulted ceiling.

8. One of the Most Modern Fireplace Design Ideas: Slate

Slate fireplaces feature a surround of large cut, flat stone (either natural or manufactured). Because of their minimal lines and features, slate stone fireplaces are the clear choice for the modern client.

They're most often requested in dark colors, but there are still many other options. And they make for a contemporary and powerful focal point. Think polished, minimal, and sleek!

Slate fireplaces are also incredibly durable, easy to clean, and easy to install.

9. Ornamental

Another way to think about an ornamental fireplace is that it's uniquely shaped.

Ornamental simply means that the opening isn't the traditional square or rectangle. You'll see many rounded tops or corners.

Because of its custom nature, ornamental fireplaces tend to cost more than the traditional shape. But for the client who's not afraid of bold, unique design elements, the ornamental fireplace could be a perfect choice.

Not sure if this will work in the home? Use a 3D visualization tool to help you see it in your space before you make your final decision.

10. Outdoor Fireplace

The final option for fireplace design ideas is the outdoor fireplace.

For the homeowner who loves to entertain, adding an outdoor fireplace and seating area is like giving them another living, family, and dining room.

Can't you just see it now? A summer evening, a crackling fire, marshmallows, roasters, and good some company. Sounds like heaven!

Since they'll need to withstand the elements, most outdoor fireplaces will need to be made of brick or stone. And many can have added features like an oven, grill, or smoker.

Remember This

Choosing a fireplace for a home is an incredibly personal decision.

Once you and your clients have narrowed down the options, you can make it easier to see how it will fit within the home and space using a 3D digital rendering service.

Feel free to contact us to learn more!

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