Real estate is a booming business, and one further enhanced by the surge in online marketing. Follow these real estate marketing tips for online success

Marketing for your real estate company has never been easier.

The digital age presents many great opportunities to reach and persuade your audience. The online platform can be overwhelming, but it's a powerful tool.

Here are 10 real estate marketing tips to help your business find online success.

1. Build a Great Website.

The biggest of our real estate marketing tips is having a great website. Your website is your first impression

Imagine what potential customers or clients are looking for. Your website should have all the answers.

Someone should be able to visit your site and see pricing, digital renderings, and contact info, all while having a great user experience.

2. Optimize for Mobile

More people are now browsing the web on mobile devices than desktops. That means half your audience might be looking at your site on their phones.

Make sure your mobile experience gives your visitors what they need.

3. Optimize for Search

Most people find your site through a search engine. So how do you get a great spot on the results page?

There's an entire field dedicated to learning this trick called SEO -- search engine optimization.

Some aspects of SEO are very technical and require experts. But there's plenty of things you can easily do yourself. Doing some further research into SEO can give your company a huge boost.

4. Blog

One way to boost your SEO is with content marketing.

Blogging about real estate topics helps show both readers and search algorithms that you're an authority in your field. You'll improve your search ranking while giving your audience helpful and informative content.

5. Get Photos

Photos are important to marketing in all industries, but especially in real estate.

Hire professional photographers to create stunning pictures to use for all your marketing pieces.

6. Claim Business Pages

Have you ever seen the business information box on the right side of a Google search result?

Those are done through Google My Business, and the service is free. Claim your company's Google business page to make your information accessible and visible.

7. Leverage Online Reviews

88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal feedback.

Build a presence for your real estate company on review sites like Yelp. It will boost your SEO and help potential customers find you.

8. Use Social Media

Being on social media is a great way to build your brand and show your character. It's an opportunity to market yourself and earn organic views on a free platform.

If you make a social page, make sure you use it. Nothing looks worse than a Twitter or Facebook page that hasn't been updated in months.

9. Target Ads

Organic traffic on social media is free and can be very valuable. But timelines are implementing more algorithms. This trend puts emphasis on ads and promoted content.

Luckily, social media platforms make targeting your ads to a specific audience easy. Advertising on social media is cheaper and more effective than general print or television ads.

10. Track Analytics

Analytics can show if your marketing is helping or hurting your website. You can see traffic to your site, bounce rates, and other valuable information.

Syncing up your website to Google Analytics is easy and free.

Get More Real Estate Marketing Tips

Marketing online is hard work, but you don't have to do it alone.

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