Want to keep up with the latest home design trends and wow your guests? These interior design styles will rock in 2018, so check them out for inspiration!



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  For the last several years, the entire world has been in love with minimalist interior design. Sparse, wide open spaces absent of color, glass tabletops and metal accents came to define the inside of many people's homes.

Like with our current social and political climate, however, a sea change is occurring, and frankly everyone is sick of the cold aesthetic modernism brings.

New Interior Design Styles for 2018

With the outside world as scary as it is, people want their homes to warm and comforting. The best interior design styles that pop up in 2018 will reflect this change. Here are our predictions for what those will be.

1. Return of the Greenery

If you live in a small apartment in a big city, chances are you've known for a while that a few indoor plants here and there help and warmth and life to your living space.

Urbanization spares no one, however, so in 2018, even those in the suburbs can benefit from adding a few succulents or snake tail plants in their living room.

It won't just stop there, either. Floral patterns-on couches, walls, or carpeting-are coming back in a big way. We're bringing color back into our homes!

2. Individually Curated Design

Modernism's stranglehold on interior design styles has unfortunately turned everyone's homes into something straight out of an IKEA catalogue. In 2018 though, we're looking for style with a bit more individual flair.

This means homes will be furnished with more eclectic, personally curated pieces made from unconventional materials. These can include an antique grandfather clock or a green, crushed velvet couch. Think about things you could only find at your local consignment store.

3. Dark Accents

Black is back in a big way in 2018. It's widely been thought that dark colors make a room smaller. But a black accent wall or painting the trim around your doors and windows black can really add much-needed depth to a room. Plus, pure-white rooms are boring.

4. Modern Vintage

Nostalgia has come to dominate every other artistic aspect of our life, whether it's movies, television, or music. Why wouldn't the same go for interior design styles?

In 2018, our homes are turning back the clocks to the 1960s and 70s. This means a return to oddly-shaped light fixtures, oblong dining tables, and rounded countertops.

The Cold War is back and nuclear proliferation is once again a topic of conversation. So we might as well discuss our fears around a 1970s-styled kitchen tabled.

The return of vintage styles also gives those with the means to do so the ability to change up the architectural design of their homes to match 1970s styles, too.

5. Do Away with the Dining Room

Let's face it, families don't eat dinner together like they used to. Gone are the days when each day would be bookended with breakfast and dinner. Our lives simply move too quickly now.

So why not get rid of that huge table and turn your dining room into an office, study, or media den? It may seem like this will guarantee your family will never eat together again, but chances are your family will start congregating there in your newly-designed space more frequently.

6. Soft, Desaturated Colors

2017 was dominated by a color known as Millennial Pink, a soft, muted pink that some suspect became popular after the release of Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel.

The trend will only continue in 2018, but it will expand to every typically bright color you can think of. Blues, oranges, and greens, in particular, will be popular.

Pastel shades of primary colors are easy on the eyes and easy to live with. They're a good choice if floral print isn't your thing.

7. Return of the Knack

2017 and years prior rejected the idea of maximalism in interior design styles, but 2018 is bucking that trend. Cluttering your home with your personal knick-knacks and family heirlooms is a great way to bring some life and energy to your home.

We're not saying you should become a hoarder, the thoughtful placement of some chintzy household items will really make your space yours.

8. Intricate, Ornate Design

If gaudy knick-knacks are back in style, so too are gaudy furnishings. To capitalize on this trend, consider adding pieces with dense patterns and complex color mixtures. Things like Oriental rugs and textured drapes are good ways to spruce up your home and hop on this trend.

9. Welcome Back, Wallpaper

Wallpaper used to be a thing of the past, and many thought it was done for good. It was tacky, difficult to maintain (it peeled constantly), and oftentimes the patterns that were in style at the time when wallpaper was en vogue were atrocious.

Wallpaper has come a long way since those days, however. Wallpaper "technology" has improved. It's more reliable, has a wider selection of colors and patterns, and oftentimes cheaper than re-painting all the rooms in your house.

10. Dark Kitchens

Minimalism's grip on interior design styles was never felt more tightly than in the kitchen. For basically the last decade, conventional wisdom has been that kitchens should be white and sparse so that they look clean and hygienic.

What we gain in cleanliness though, we lose in warmth and individual flair. So in 2018, we're adding color and individual panache to our cooking spaces.

Don't even think about putting white cabinets in your kitchen, and instead consider what your cabinets would look like in a dark blue. Take those stainless steel bars of your drawers and consider adding traditional brass or crystal knobs.

Your kitchen should be clean, but it shouldn't be lacking in personality. In 2018, we're making sure we have both.

Committed to Upgrading Your Home?

Hopefully, these predicted interior design styles have inspired you to reinvigorate your home. But if you're looking to do a complete architectural redesign of your home, consider contacting us for more information.

Good luck with sprucing up your living space. Remember, the most important thing when designing your home-whether you're buying new furniture or doing a ground-up renovation-is that it fits you. There's no use hopping on a trend unless you like it.


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